Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Seven Days to 2014.

So quickly, the first 7 days of 2014 has passed.

The first week of 2014.
The first entry of 2014.
The first meal of 2014.
The first selca of 2014...........
The first......................... D:
I really cannot understand this hype. Like... uh... okay.
But, it's finally over!!!! :x

Anyway.... So! Today's the 7th day of the New Year. Also the day my mother was born 52 years ago in a humble yet well off family. For that, I'm thankful to my grandparents for bringing her into the world because she gave birth to a really awesome daughter (me, me!) lol.
Okay, okay, I'm the fortunate one to be given this family. ♥

I started this year with magic and gratitude. &For the first time, I'm grateful to my grandparents for bringing up such a fine mother (even though she likes to kaobei. LMAO).

 photo 2014-01-07003229_zps39039c7c.jpg
A mini surprise for our wonderful wonderful mother when the clock strike 12mn with her favourite cheesecake. :)

2014 started really simple.

Stay-at-home countdown and celebration to the new year. No plans this year because everyone else has someone else to celebrate with except me. LOL!!

No plan is a good plan though.

I realise I do countdowns in alternate years so I hope I'll have big plans this year. :)

This week, however, was a mini roller coaster ride for the family; with flaming discussions about our trip to Korea.

Tour or not to tour.

Obviously, the mother was the one who insisted going on tour. And obviously, the mother has won another battle. But I'm all willing (&my sis now too) because we get to save at least $1000 per person for tour BECAUSE OF A GREAT PROMOTION!!!

Awesome shit. Thankyou.

When I started doing all the planning and cost estimation for our trip (tour and no tour), I was secretly hoping we won't be able to go because I was suddenly hesitant to part with the money I've saved up over the years. Yes, years and I'm stingy!

But heck la, IT'S KOREA!!! :D

I actually felt really proud when I handed my debit card to cash out the deposit. MY FIRST TRIP TO KOREA ON MY OWN EXPENSE!!!!

So now now now, Thailand trip in February and Korea trip in March.

The first quarter of 2014 is going to be faaaaaaabulous. MUAHAHAHA!!! If only we were crazy enough and booked the 10days cruise vacation to Japan in April!! The start of 2014 would then not only be fabulous but P-E-R-F-E-C-T (and money draining). Lol.

I'm also super happy to be working part time before my trips. Money money, come come! xD

&now, here's a joke to end off this naggy entry.
Have anyone heard about people spraining their hands when they cut paper? Well,,, I have sprained my right hand from cutting paper. D: It's so funny and painful at the same time, I'm not laughing. ><

And oh oh! We've only counted down to the new year seven days ago but my office is already all dolled up for the Lunar New Year. Fast and furious.

Okay, toodles!
May all my entries in 2014 be as wordy as this. xD

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