Saturday, June 18, 2016

Les Misérables

Finally caught the musical phenomenon "Les Misérables" last night! 😵

While I know it is a highly raved musical, I am not a fan.. I like the story and the stage setup (love the suicide scene! so cool!), but I got bored one too many times.

Could it be the cast this time round? Maybe.

Maybe...... serious musicals or musicals that are slightly more artistic are not my type. Or maybe, I just need to watch more and learn to appreciate them? I haven't watched that many musical to begin with, and have only watched musicals that I am already familiar with like.... "Grease", "Singing in the Rain" and "Beauty and the Beast"... They are more light-hearted, fun and funny!

Then again, I am not alone on this. Haniza wasn't impressed with last nights' show too... She told me the movie was a lot better. So, maybe it's the cast this time? Am not gonna sit for 3 hours to finish the movie though. :p

Anyway, I find myself frequently in awed by the various stage setups! This time, the scene where the inspector committed suicide, jumping off a.... balcony? It really looked like he was falling off a high place! Probably just the screen at the back moving, but it was really cool to me. Lol. The things I take note of.

To more shows together!

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