Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sushi & Drinks!

Part 5 : Maki-San & Timbre!

Sushi @ Maki-San & Drinks @ Timbre.

Geddit geddit?

With friends from work! :)
& Yes, they got me a birthday balloon! hehehe.

Wanted to check out The Switch, but it's so fully booked! We didn't actually make any reservations and thought we could just check it out. No luck. So we continued the walk to Timbre @ The Substation. Second time in 2 weeks and I still love that place! So good to unwind with drinks and good music!

Nab was with us, so we had dinner first. Sushi roll from Maki-San X! Ordered what we wanted while walking to The Cathay. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE!! Found a seat and just waited for our food. Muahahaha. Technology is making life so easy now!

Us first while Samantha and Ruth finish up work in office.

Sweet girl Jocelyn~

The expressionless twins, Nab and Karen. :X
I am always in awe how they can tell jokes with minimal expression. Lol. Makes me confused.
But they are super cute and funny!

This shot so dreamy~ Lol.

My daily texting partner, Ruth!
We haven't stopped one day since November. It's quite amazing. Lol.

Food came, but no, we couldn't eat yet.
Photo time!

The sushi roll was delicious! Get to pick what ingredients go into it and the rice was just enough! Wasn't too filling, but didn't leave me hungry later.

After dinner, we were exiting The Cathay and I saw a familiar face!

The closet friend of mine, whom actually forgot my birthday until a day later.
TSK. Though not very belated, still late! >:(

So after this shot, we checked out The Switch, got disappointed and headed off to The Substation. I guess The Substation was a better choice for us since there would only be English songs. Hehe. 53A X is on every Friday and I've come to love them! :) Sara's so full of energy! Turns out, Nab really like her too! Good taste we have. HEHE.

Okay. Off I go now~

To more dinners together!

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