Friday, January 01, 2016

Starting 2016 With Fireworks!

IT IS 2016 !!!

Can't remember when was the last time I watched fireworks for countdown, but last night was pretty................ crowded. LOL.

Spent the last bits of 2015 with Jolene, Haniza and Chiulee.

What a different combo?

But it was nice. Different can sometimes be refreshing. It was also the first time Haniza saw a different side of me... Or so she said. Hahaha. I am a lot crazier and lame with the clique. Haniza kindda makes me more toned down. I never knew.. Until last night. Lol. Fun fact about myself to end a great year. ;)

This is us outside *Scape. Last few shots together~

Met up in town and had dinner at a Thai fusion restaurant in Orchard Central; Som Tam X. Dinner started out a little awkward. Food was good, I'm not that big a fan of Thai cuisine, but the food was good. Obviously cannot remember what we'd ordered. But I know we had a variety of items to share.. There was salad! Pardon the memory, girl here blogging this in 2017. :X

Back to the awkwardness. Though Chiulee knows Haniza beforehand (thanks to a coincidental diving trip!), and though all my friends pretty much know all my friends (just.. who they are, not anything beyond that), it was still a little... weird at first. But nothing time cannot change!

The shot with Jolene in the middle....... I have no idea why, but it looks as if Chiulee and I were taking a shot with a celebrity? Lol.

There weren't much to do after dinner so we just roamed around the mall, around town and waited for time to pass. Chiulee left early because... I can't remember why, but she left early. So it was just Jolene, Haniza and myself, for the rest of the year and the start of the year. ;)

Headed down to Marina Bay Sands when time was near and found an.... okay spot for fireworks viewing.

It was a beautiful sight, seeing the sky light-up as the clock ticks off to the new year... Somehow feels like it is signifying that the year would be beautiful too.... It's important how something ends, but it's also as important how something starts! 2015 was a really good year. Simple start, very fulfilling journey and a great end. A lot of fun. And I hope, 2016 would be the same... If not better.

I would want especially, to become a better person this year. :)

&to remain close knitted with some of the best people in my life~ ♥

One of the better shots I took. It was so smokey!

Us among the crazy crowd..

It was nice watching the fireworks, but the squeezing with people was not so fun.
Singapore is a terrible place for any sight-seeing. SO HUMID!

When the crowd slowly dispersed. We just stayed there....
Continued to absorbed the energy of the new year...

I always say this, but I have to repeat it again: It's amazing how the year just changes in a split second. First you're in 2015, and once that second hand needle on the clock go pass midnight... poof! It's 2016.

&here, I'm done!

ps: We took a car back home together, and as the girls left to end the day, I continued the night with my dearest friend. It's very interesting what we share. Or at least to me. I am always curious about other people's business, I always want to know what happened, but with her...... I didn't need that. Just knowing she was hurting and needed someone with her pained me enough. I didn't need any details. I could fully understand the saying "You will tell me when you are ready" when it's with her.. For some people, maybe not so. Or maybe, I'm just growing up to be more sensible and less demanding on wanting information. I also felt really.... honored and touched that she opened up that bit to me. It's like, another level of the friendship and trust... I always doubt my place in people's heart, because I think I'm never good enough.. But when people open up to me on levels they don't usually would, it surprises me and touches my heart. Sometimes making me think that I'm not that bad afterall.... :') Just noting this down because it's in my memory. I'm always grateful for the people I have in life, and this friendship is one of the most important one. ♥

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