Thursday, December 24, 2015

Positive Vibes Please

I've got my good mood back for work today. YAY! Managed to do some bit of work earlier. Some bit is good bit because today is Christmas Eve, we're all on for just half the day and I'm going for my favourite celebration later!! All these "distractions" but I managed to do some bit of work. Heh. Some bit is good bit.

Yesterday evening ended on a fun note with my new friends at work, giving me good mood for our last workday this week (probably also due to the festive, half-day and my evening plan later hehehe).

I'm waiting for time to pass now, and pondering about life. I figured, I really cannot stand negative people in my life these days..... No space in my brain to process people's unhappiness about anything. My life is a big mess enough. No cells in my body willing to hear people's rant. No desire to entertain anymore of these nonsense.

I need positive vibes in my life to continue fighting on!

ps: Really can't wait for tonight!

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