Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas With Lunch Kakis!


 photo P1400841.jpg

First Christmas party for 2015.
Yesterday, with the lunch kakis from work, at one of my favourite Italian restaurant - Supply & Demand X.

It was a night away from work, to unwind with good food in a nice ambience. We got pretty noisy during gift exchange though. A different side to each other apart from work - a more relaxed and happy side. (: Except for me, because I am always the same. Lol.

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 photo P1400778.jpg
First shot, with 2 still missing.

Here's us right after we finalize our gift exchange - explains the random pen on the table and tiny tissue torn out. Lol. We went with getting a generic gift within a budget, picking our number to determine the gift choosing sequence and..... the fun part - We get to steal gifts we want!

 photo P1400782.jpg
All the presents!

 photo P1400796.jpg
Here's me looking over all the gift wrapping to see what I want.

We took quite a number of pictures - 65! But, I've decided to just post more pictures with my face in it and leave the rest kept in my HDD. Helps speed up my blogging time. Lol.

 photo P1400800.jpg
I just realize I look quite hideous laughing like that. Geez.
Where the hell are my eyes disappearing to..................... And that gum.


 photo P1400802.jpg
I was the third on the line and picked the largest gift!

 photo P1400803.jpg

 photo P1400805.jpg
I like ripping wrappers, but this one looked really cute.

 photo P1400806.jpg
I've always wanted one since we threw the one we had.
Best part? THIS HAS A DIGITAL BANK! No more playing with paper money.

But wait... This celebration had a catch...

 photo P1400810.jpg
... People could totally steal your gifts if they like it!

Here's Birgit trying to be funny and wanting my gift.

I managed to skip this theft one time though, because she decide to pick something else until....

 photo P1400815.jpg

Hahaha, all these expressions we had.

That diffuser was from me. I loved the scent!

But dang it! Birgit's gift got stolen and she made up her mind to steal what was mine.

 photo P1400816.jpg
:((( Wasn't lucky to be the third one picking the gift.

But it's okay! I got to choose something else!
We also met up about 2 months later at Birgit's place to play that set of Monopoly. Hahaha. Fun times. It was like we were back to being kids trying to figure out how to play the game and trying to make each other bankrupt.

 photo P1400817.jpg
And I picked something red!
Secretly hoping it was a big red packet with cash in it! Hahahaha.

Obviously, cash isn't a gift.

 photo P1400820.jpg

As happy as when I first open to see the Monopoly. Heh! This card reader / USB drive is the coolest thing that existed back then for Android phone users! So convenient to transfer files. Especially for someone like me who does not like using the traditional way of plugging it directly to your laptop (and charge your phone -.-). I am still using this handy device till date! ☺ Loving the large disk space too!

And, I've decided.... For memory sake! Here are what the others got for Christmas yesterday too! :)

 photo P1400795.jpg

 photo P1400808.jpg

 photo P1400828.jpg
There were a few other stealing cases last night. Hahaha.
The expressions are so on point. hahaha.

It was a pair of bookmarks.

 photo P1400832.jpg

 photo P1400837.jpg

 photo P1400841.jpg
&That was how the night ended.

With them.

 photo P1400844.jpg
Birgit and I continued the night with a couple more drinks before ending off the night. :)

 photo P1400848.jpg
One of the best takeaways from mbb would be getting to know her. ♥

 photo P1400784.jpg
&That's it!

Many more celebrations to come!

Just 2 more actually. Lol.

But the KL trip with Chiulee and Kesslyn is up soon soon!

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