Saturday, November 21, 2015

唱 K

Haniza and I did something crazy tonight.
Or technically, last night....

After 2 gym classes, we showered quickly and headed down to Ci Yuan CC for a 3-hour karaoke session from 11pm. By the time we reached, I was already dogged from class, but we did it anyway. And then..., we walked home. Crazy, isn't it? Hahaha. Even more so because as we grow up, the body feels tired easier and the mind shuts down earlier.

Someone (by someone I mean Haniza), once told me that singing is healthy for the heart.

Great news for me when I heard it! That very week I was told, I tortured the family with my singing every night. Song after song. HAHAHA.

I know singing is a way to de-stress (at least for me la), but I didn't know it helps to strength your heart along with many other benefits! I googled it, but now I'm too lazy to blog about it. :X

Random update about my night because I'm too tired that I'm awake. Doesn't make sense because it's no sense. LOL.

Okay, enough typing.


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