Friday, September 11, 2015

Let's Vote!

Have you guys voted??

Today's a great day; An interesting and relaxing day which is a great combination for a great day.. Great, great, great daaaaaaay!!! ^^

First off, it's a great great day because it's Polling Day, which means most of us don't have to work. Muahahah! This is a great enough reason to rejoice, to be honest. :3 Life of an working adult, the only days you look forward to are the weekends and the public holidays. Every other days are just... meh. Sad truth.

Also because it's Polling Day, we had an interesting experience doing official adult things and pretending like we know what we're doing. LOL! Casted my very first vote today! Did something important and felt important. The future is in our hands! Hahaha.

 photo IMG-20150911-WA0002.jpg
Went with Dad!

Only with dad because my mother, being a civil servant, was on duty at the place we were voting! She had to be out at 5am to collect the voting papers and was assigned to be on duty for the entire day! Poor thing... No sister too. Didn't pass the cut off for voting. I was kind of looking forward to voting together with it! But meh, next time!

 photo IMG-20150911-WA0011.jpg

Thereafter, I went home to shower and change before meeting Jolene! It was a relaxing day because we didn't do much. We just drove around to run her errands, had tea at Boufe Cafe X (tea, because we missed the brunch time!!! SOBS). No tagging of that place in this entry because no pictures and because.... meh. Lazy. We had their croissants (nice!!) and ordered two servings of their Iced Lychee Tea. Heh. Got one to-go for our movieeee too!!!

 photo IMG-20150912-WA0002.jpg
Obviously stopped the car for this shot. heh.

Oh ya! The only reason that could ruin today was probably my cough. The cinema was so cold! But I'm glad I could control the damn coughing. Tsssssk.

 photo IMG-20150912-WA0001.jpg
Vivo City was where we went!

 photo IMG-20150912-WA0000.jpg

 photo 20150911_183021.jpg
So comfortable with this lady here. I was so downdressed for VivoCity but I clearly didn't care....................

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