Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last To Turn 24!

Before I begin this entry.....................

I AM SO EXCITED GUYS!!!!! 3 more days to my 4th trip this year; PERTH!!!! I don't even have the mood for work anymore. :X

So, Perth in 3 days means I'll be flying off on the 3rd of October. Also, Karena's Birthday. I was very reluctant to decide on this date, but the price difference to fly on the 4th is so big?! Over $100 more. Booooo... But I am glad Karena's cool with an advanced. HEH.

Planned to do a one-to-one with her, but the other girls were free so... *SURPRISE!!*

 photo P1390517.jpg
An intimate evening with my favourite girlfriends.

It wasn't a surprise surprise though.. No special hiding. We just sat at our table waiting for her. Haha. I'm glad the other 2 could make it! ^^ It's been a while since we hungout; according to my blog, it was in June X!

 photo P1390489.jpg
Got the lady some Lady M crepes!

 photo P1390483.jpg
Their original and chocolate!
Looks so good, but we coudn't eat them at the restaurant. :(

 photo P1390495.jpg  photo P1390497.jpg
May all your wishes come true, maprettygirlfriend!

 photo P1390486.jpg
I sure hope it taste as good as it looks!
The queue at the shop was quite long... Even for the takeaway. And they put in effort so slowly slice one.... I think we waited for about.... 30minutes before finally getting them.

 photo P1390487.jpg

 photo P1390480.jpg
Dinner! Had it ION's Marmalade Pantry X
Nice place. Enjoyed the food. Shared the club sandwich and Carbonara with Weishan!

 photo IMG-20151001-WA0004.jpg

After dinner, we did what we'll always do. Camwhore! Lol. Did it outside Kate Spade because it looks the nicest.

 photo P1390501.jpg

 photo P1390509.jpg
The way Karena's hand is positioned in this shot...... hahhha. It's like she's ready to strangle Weishan the second the picture is taken.

 photo P1390505.jpg

 photo P1390508.jpg

 photo P1390503.jpg

 photo P1390502.jpg
Halfway through, some random guy walk pass and decides to photobomb. Lol.

 photo P1390506.jpg

 photo P1390548.jpg
I need to learn how to take nice wefies!
My bloody short hands!

 photo P1390522.jpg
Here's me wanting to be in the middle too. HEHEH.
They be like "Whose birthday is it?!"

 photo P1390526.jpg
My pretty girlfriends! ^^

 photo P1390538.jpg

 photo P1390541.jpg

 photo P1390537.jpg

 photo P1390545.jpg

 photo P1390539.jpg

 photo P1390540.jpg

 photo P1390524.jpg
Heh. I like these captures. TO MANY MORE LAUGHING TIMES!

 photo P1390518.jpg

 photo P1390521.jpg

 photo P1390515.jpg

 photo P1390546.jpg

 photo P1390527.jpg
The gums appear when it's very happy too...

 photo P1390525.jpg

 photo P1390532.jpg

 photo P1390511.jpg

 photo P1390535.jpg

 photo P1390514.jpg

 photo P1390513.jpg

 photo P1390516.jpg

 photo P1390499.jpg

 photo IMG-20151001-WA0000.jpg
My teeth though. Tsk.

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