Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dinner with Mei Hua

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Hihihi! Just back from a dinner with 梅花 and here's a quick update because I feel like blogging today. Hehehe. Last met this girl 3 months ago and there we were again. In just 3 months, this girl has changed into someone with a nightlife. Lol. Can't say I am envious anymore because I now actually feel old and get tired when it's nearing midnight! Especially on a worknight. /fail

Anyway! Just in time to satisfy my Lychee Tea cravings, we had dinner at Arteastiq X! This time at their newer outlet in Plaza Singapura. So much more conveniently located now... For me who is lazy to change the train line. :X

Won't say it's the best dinner place. The food portion for our main dishes was lacking and the taste was a little bit off. Too small a portion for the price paid and the food too salty! It's okay though, because we shared Sweet Potato Fries and I had my Lychee Tea!!!!!! ^^

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This was it for me. 6 small pieces. The sweet potato rosti was kindda tasteless too. Salty, but tasteless.

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HEHEHEHEHE. I really like their Lychee Tea beceause it's very nicely balanced and not too overly sweet.
But I found somewhere with Lychee Tea that's better. :X The cafe is just a little too difficult to get to. Meh.

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Till next time!!!!! ^^

ps: I hope there won't be more drastic changes in your life then huh!

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