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▩ Boxing Day ▩

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Boxing Day with my favourite people!!! :D
▩ ▩ ▩

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As usual, Christmas celebration was a lot of fun with this group of friends. ^^ We had a fairly simple plan this year; To have picnic in the early afternoon before gift exchange during dinner. A plain Jane kind of celebration, but I know I can always trust this group of friends to have one hell of a time together.

Sadly, Karena couldn't join us this year. Otherwise, it would have been more fun and crazier!
I miss that bimbo........ A lot.

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It's a work day yesterday. Bummer. Took half the day off from work (most of us did! ♥) and headed down to Jolene's place with popcorn, drinks and doughnuts for the picnic! The weather was terribly hot when Jiaxuan and Zhiyong gave me a ride down. Chilled for a little while as Jolene prepares herself for the day and had instant noodle for lunch.

The weather became a bitch thereafter. -,-

It was POURING when we left Jolene's place!!! Dammit weather. Totally ruined our plans.

On the way, we picked Gary and Weishan up before heading down to Vivo City. Our initial plan was to have picnic at the roof area. Thanks to the weather, we had to do all these fun stuff indoors. Sigh. Chiulee and Kesslyn were there early, and they settled down in some waiting area at HarbourFront.

Well, at least it was a nice place to camwhore..................? Lol.

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It's always fun when there's a theme to a party!
This year, Weishan suggested snapbacks instead of our usual color coordinates~
My head don't fit well with caps so I don't own any, but for yesterday, I manage to borrow one from Jolene. Hehe.

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We're all up with snapbacks except Alvin and Samuel.
They missed the memo because they don't read messages in group conversations. 😒😒😒
Lance went to buy a snapback because he didn't know too. Walao! These people and their terrible habits of not reading messages. 😒😒😒

▩ ▩ ▩

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Here's us! Earlybirds for the picnic.
Gary went off to get some lunch because he was famished...... But but.. I prepared food! :(

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It's such a coincidence that Chiulee Weishan and I are all in white. :3
Jolene and Kesslyn matches well with Christmas theme too. Red and Green in matchy shades.

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Food for the picnic!!!
Chiulee prepared potato salad while I got the popcorn, drinks and doughnuts! Weishan bought the sausages from Go Franks.

Picnic this year failed pretty badly. Lol. Bad weather, little food and horrible picnic place.
Then again, it's the companion that mattered. Didn't prepare too much food because our timeframe was quite packed. Dinner was in a few hours so................... A nicer picnic next time! :D
ps: I know none of them likes picnic though. BOO!

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Check out the background.
When we first settled down, there were barely anyone in the area. And just when we started feasting, a whole group of people came in and started opening their packed Chicken Rice. It was so fragrant! And they took up so much space. T^T

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Lance joined us when we were half done with food.
Saved a few pieces of doughnuts for him! :D

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Camwhoring even when there's an audience. Hahahaha.
It's not as embarrassing when you do things together with a group!

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 photo P1360284_zpsaz0ncpsj.jpg
Alvin joined us much later too.

We didn't do much during picnic. The chairs made it hard to have a conversation with everyone. Poor Kesslyn and Chiulee, they brought picnic mats we didn't use at all. Next time! :D

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After a few more shots, we headed down to Keppel Bay. Reserved seats at the TCC there for dinner.
Lance first ordered his food and drinks because he was leaving early, but we later decide to go somewhere else because there was barely anything in the outlet there! Nothing much and expensive. Walao.

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We arranged all our gifts first though. xD

 photo P1360292_zps9sfz8ron.jpg
Cute socks Weishan got for everyone!
Mine is the pirate behind. Was an appropriate gift because we later went bowling. Hahaha.

 photo P1360296_zpsvgrz92tm.jpg
You did not see wrong, there's a roach on the table!!!!!!!!!

 photo P1360297_zpsih19yh0a.jpg
A fake roach this Tan Weishan was using to prank most of us.
Kesslyn kept screaming. hahahahha.

This Weishan's super mean! When we went shopping for gifts the other day, she used the roach on me and made me cuss under my breath and drop the plastic bag. Lol. We were walking towards ION in Wisma when it happened. There were plenty of people, and I was glad I wasn't screaming! Hahah. She shared all the scares she did to her family too. Evil prankster. This roach looks less realistic though. The one she used on me really looked like one!

 photo P1360300_zpskibva8ma.jpg
Jolene did not once fall for her scare. Dammit. No funny videos. Lol.

So after Lance finished his dinner, we decide to pack up and have dinner at Privé downstairs instead. Excellent choice! Enjoyed my dinner. Hehe.

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Our gifts all packed into plastic bags for 'masking'.
We had a new idea this year for gift exchange. It was what made Christmas fun this year. ;)

 photo P1360305_zpso8sukhj1.jpg
Even though it's fake, it's still quite gross!

 photo P1360308_zpsgv5sxuyg.jpg
One last picture before Lance picks his gift and leave for the night. Samuel joined much later so no pictures of all of us. :(

 photo P1360309_zpsmlrzprhp.jpg  photo P1360312_zpsbfrkdqtf.jpg
His good and bad gift.

So this year, we got everyone to prepare 2 gifts: A good gift and a bad gift. We then put all the gifts into a big bag, good with good and bad with bad. Everyone took turns to pick a good gift and a bad gift. Fun thing was, we could steal each others' gifts! The thrill is, there's a possibility to end up with 2 bad gifts!! Lol. Weishan and her weird ideas really. :p

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 photo P1360319_zpsjoohhidj.jpg

 photo P1360320_zpsdsnjsfck.jpg
Thanks to the staffs at Privé, we got really big trash bags for all our gifts. hahaha.

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 photo P1360327_zpsqznxh2wd.jpg  photo P1360331_zpsivcebgb9.jpg

 photo P1360333_zps2caofmx1.jpg  photo P1360335_zpsflltwnld.jpg  photo P1360336_zpsa88xnrqh.jpg

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 photo P1360343_zpsaczlz15d.jpg photo P1360348_zpsaa3n1pwz.jpg

 photo P1360349_zpswsooum1k.jpg

 photo P1360351_zps8qtp1tw3.jpg  photo P1360352_zpstu6r38ze.jpg  photo P1360354_zpsmulnpxig.jpg
Gary pretty much got the bad gift no one wants. LOL!
Chiulee blended some vegetables(?) and other weird (lol!) stuffs together for a healthy drink. The one who got it has to finish it.
Looking at Gary's expression in the last picture, I am super happy I wasn't the one who got it. Hahaha. :P

 photo P1360355_zpszfq3lura.jpg

 photo P1360357_zpshorxzwp8.jpg

 photo P1360366_zps2mhc0ayp.jpg
The bad gift is hilarious!!!!!!

 photo P1360359_zpsqg3dsvmd.jpg
Hahahahahahaha. Only Gary would come up with such an idea.

 photo P1360374_zpsoa4ioski.jpg  photo P1360381_zpsclwhfc6h.jpg

 photo P1360385_zps0pdjdmjp.jpg

 photo P1360388_zpsclgdoagd.jpg
Doesn't it look like Chiulee's pulling out some tongs? Lol.

 photo P1360397_zpssecuxq0o.jpg
Soohou's gift got to the right person! Exercising accessories.

 photo P1360398_zpsvsysdgxu.jpg
&Here's my bad gift. Hahahahha.

 photo P1360399_zpsjbhynafs.jpg  photo P1360400_zpsvpqexrrn.jpg  photo P1360402_zps7h80pk1j.jpg
I couldn't stop laughing when I put it on because everyone else was laughing!!!!!
Hahahahahhaha. Damn asshole.
I got both gifts from Weishan huh. The good and the bad gift.

 photo P1360403_zpsafifop4a.jpg
Looking at it now still makes me laugh. Hahahaha.
So ugly.

 photo P1360404_zpssqasusg8.jpg  photo P1360406_zpsyrmozwct.jpg
It fits Gary best don't you think?

 photo P1360420_zpsjm4epz2c.jpg
And here's the mastermind with her master piece. Lol.

After dinner, we didn't do anything fancy. Took more pictures together (this time with Samuel), before sending Kesslyn Alvin and Chiulee to the MRT while the rest of us continued the night with a round of bowling.

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Fun night with fun people. :)

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