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In Our Regalia @ Botanic Gardens

Just a quick update before I rest for another work week.

It has been a nice week. Bangkok Trip(X), short work week and finally met up with my Uni friends to take some pictures with our graduation gowns! A pity I was the only one who didn't have it and had to take turns with the rest... :( After an entire afternoon spent together yesterday, I also rushed down to Jiaxuan's house for our Mid-Autumn celebration. Had steamboat for dinner and chilled for the rest of the night. ^^ No pictures for the latter activity though. :(

 photo P1350600_zps6575cb9f.jpg
My takeaways after 1.5years in RMIT! Sera and Jeannette. :)

 photo P1350599_zpsa2ef85ec.jpg

 photo P1350622_zps0140478e.jpg
Sadly, I haven't got down to replace my broked tripod and had to settle with a dustbin not far away for these shots. xD

 photo P1350499_zpsf1e060de.jpg

Of course we didn't meet up just to take pictures!
Before having fun dressing each other and taking pictures, we had a nice lunch at Halia. It is located quite deep into Botanic Gardens, and it took us more than 30 minutes to finally reach the place. To be fair, we got lost and made an unneccessary HUGE detour. -,- Lol. The staffs at Halia told my friend it's only a 10-15 minutes walk from the train station. Hurrrrr.

Jeannette, Weishan and I first met at the train station while Sera travelled there with her Dad. Looking at the map around Botanic Gardens, we assumed the place would be far and started walking. We chatted and complained while walking. We kept making sure we were on the right track by checking with the maps around. After about 20 minutes we came back to the same freaking spot!!!! The start of our bloody long walk ended back at the train station!!!!!! Hahahahahah. So stupid. We were almost screaming at ourselves for being so silly.

So anyway, we took another 15 minutes or so before finally arriving at the restaurant.

I like the place. The air-conditioning made our experience perfect. LOL!

Settled down, made our choices (3 of us chose "The Halia Breakfast" while Sera went with "Halia Chili Crab Spaghetti") and started chatting the wait away. Caught up and had a satisfying brunch! No food pictures~ And then! Weishan was in for a surprise. HEHE.

 photo P1350501_zps28c19d6f.jpg
I'm happy we managed to make her surprised and this happy. Hahahaha.

 photo P1350502_zpsabe676a2.jpg

 photo P1350503_zps8f22538f.jpg
Weishan looked so blissful, yes? hahahaha.

 photo P1350504_zps5f1cd26b.jpg

 photo P1350505_zps035b6919.jpg

 photo P1350506_zpsd617fb54.jpg
:D :D :D

 photo P1350507_zpsf26d47e5.jpg
A surprise for the girl whose Birthday is in 2 days! :D

 photo P1350509_zps5258ceb1.jpg

 photo P1350510_zpsd4bf3157.jpg

 photo P1350512_zps59c6b988.jpg

 photo P1350515_zpsc3b73dc9.jpg

 photo P1350514_zps8d29c248.jpg

We also ordered two other desserts to end our nice brunch together.

 photo P1350522_zpsb8312d28.jpg
The other girls went wide-eyed when this was served. Hahahaha.
Their carrot cake that the girls described as fallen-on-the-floor-and-scooped-up-cake. Lol.

 photo P1350523-001_zpse045b633.jpg

The food and desserts were okay.
Nothing fantastic or memorable. I thought Halia Breakfast was a bit too salty, and the beef sausage was a bit too dry.
The portion made it a satisfying brunch though.

Despite the average food, I would still go back for their ambience.

 photo P1350518_zps86339708.jpg

 photo P1350519_zps8c08ab3f.jpg

 photo P1350521_zps18e63945.jpg
Spent quite a while catching up with each other.
About work. About guys. About relationships. And about anything under the sun.

 photo P1350524_zps3c2f76cd.jpg
Finally headed out to take pictures at 5-ish.

And then,,, I shall leave to spam this space. :D

 photo P1350525_zpsbeab74d1.jpg

 photo P1350526_zps219cb430.jpg

 photo P1350529_zpseda3181c.jpg

 photo P1350531_zps3d8d7944.jpg

 photo P1350533_zps352444f6.jpg

 photo P1350534_zps65221cc3.jpg

 photo P1350535_zpsd0e645a0.jpg

 photo P1350536_zps13be6e43.jpg

 photo P1350539_zps97f7bd0e.jpg

 photo P1350544_zps2128b08d.jpg

 photo P1350546_zps91941285.jpg

 photo P1350547_zps1f9813fa.jpg

 photo P1350556_zps56223081.jpg

 photo P1350559_zps4fff9db3.jpg
Purposely standing infront of me on a slope to emphasize the height difference. Walao.

 photo P1350560_zps0e83240c.jpg

 photo P1350562_zpsff6455d3.jpg
&Here's us laughing hard.

I've uploaded most of our best pictures, but we had a lot of bloopers thanks to Jeannette. Our eye-closing-at-the-wrong-time expert. Hahahahhahaha.
She has always been the spoiler to our pictures. And so, I've decided to compile the few failed shots because of her. xD

 photo P1350551_zpsc7fb9f43.jpg

 photo P1350520_zps4a9083f0.jpg

 photo P1350561_zps6edb0b89.jpg  photo P1350564_zps2f0c74e2.jpg

 photo P1350565_zps1c267126.jpg  photo P1350567_zps175b0e57.jpg

It'll be worse when we countdown to take the shots.
She'll just blink at the wrong time, all the time! Lol.

 photo P1350581_zps94edf67d.jpg  photo P1350593_zps71f7724e.jpg  photo P1350606_zpsce767c65.jpg

 photo P1350623_zpsd41fafef.jpg
And here she is smiling so so sweetly!!!! Lol.

 photo P1350634_zpsca2bd9f7.jpg
Nice background and all but see who closed her eyes again!

 photo P1350636_zpsbd6986fa.jpg
&Here is Sera getting her influenced. LOL.

Thanks to Jeannette, we really had a good laugh yesterday. Hahahahha.

 photo P1350621_zps0eb0e5d9.jpg
Okay luh, here's a nice picture of her to make up for all the failed shots and teases from me. HEHE.

 photo P1350566_zps3d635bcf.jpg
All of us laughing thanks to Jeannette.

 photo P1350571_zps7c47e427.jpg
Weishan's not in the picture because I'm wearing her regalia. :X
Our shots would have been perfect if it's all 4 of us together with the gowns!

 photo P1350575_zps79f7c1ae.jpg

 photo P1350578_zps2806c0af.jpg

 photo P1350587_zpscb26f3e7.jpg  photo P1350595_zps9a50f78d.jpg

 photo P1350597_zpsd9cc4c2d.jpg

 photo P1350601_zps6c732a31.jpg
I look like I'm hunching :/

 photo P1350613_zps359bf0d1.jpg

 photo P1350626_zps7a7b26ef.jpg

 photo P1350633_zps4e67927c.jpg
Taking shots with the flowers in our normal clothing!

 photo P1350637_zpsaa44ca12.jpg

 photo P1350639_zpsf8ee183d.jpg

 photo P1350640_zps66ee2cc0.jpg
Tip-toe because they are all so tall!

 photo P1350643_zps16d7285c.jpg
The height difference....... Jeannette is actually just right behind me. :( Lol.

 photo P1350649_zpsad01f8e1.jpg

 photo P1350650_zps1240eb4a.jpg

 photo P1350579_zpsd0c04300.jpg
It was a nice 1.5 years together with them even though we weren't really classmates throughout. :)

 photo P1350610_zps763766a9.jpg photo P1350611_zps1da7e65a.jpg

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