Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Baby Shower!!!!

Today's a lovely day. :3

Got invited to Zhixiong's daughter baby shower!!!!!!

 photo 20140810_155306_zps1d13c6fd.jpg

Yes, you didn't see wrong.
One of my secondary school friends is married, and blessed with an adorable daughter.&she's now a month old (next week)!!!!!! It felt pretty unbelievable. Lol. I've known many who got married early with a family of their own. But to have someone I've known since I was 14 actually becoming a Dad.... It was a little unreal.

 photo 20140810_155203_zps405709fd.jpg
Baby, father and his best-man!

 photo 20140810_155014_zpsd175fe43.jpg
Baby, mummy and the bridesmaid!
Met up early in the day and traveled down to the place for the celebration. Had lunch (hehehe) and caught up with the couple. Haven't seen them since Lunar New Year uh! I'm happy everything's good. :D

 photo 1408201988205_zps31cd29cf.jpg
Excited on the way there!

 photo 1408201985747_zpsbc5f37ba.jpg

 photo 1408201984166_zps4a77b4a3.jpg

 photo 20140810_143549_zps6f007dab.jpg

 photo 20140810_144109_zpsde80467d.jpg
Forever acting cute. :X
The ribbon thing on her head belongs to the baby!

 photo 20140810_154207_zps4d8cd513.jpg  photo 20140810_154233_zps848d700c.jpg
Tiny baby is tiny!

 photo 20140810_154443_zps8400f432.jpg  photo 20140810_154555_zpsc287b16e.jpg

 photo 1408201978191_zps567bd66f.jpg

 photo 1408201975948_zps7d73b50b.jpg

 photo 20140810_163905_zps3718d5e4.jpg
Baby shower gift!!! :D

 photo 20140810_164101_zps0146ef47.jpg
The doughnuts were delicious!!!

 photo 1408201972478_zpse9ac87a6.jpg
hehehe. Favorite photo!

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