Friday, March 07, 2014

Dinner For Two @ Wild Honey! :D

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^^ Finally satisfied my Wild Honey cravings with Mei Hua tonight! :D
Nothing much happened, just dinner and a little shopping, so here are the pictures!!! :D

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 photo P1020744_zps0be9e241.jpg
My new Wild Honey favourite! Their Hungover Sandwich!! :D

 photo P1020749_zps55016e80.jpg
And yet another craving I have been keeping.
Apple Crumble!! HEHE.

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Have been planning this dinner for the longest time! But we kept postponing because of other commitments! But, I'm glad we finally made it to Wild Honey tonight. HEHE. Hopefully, we'll be having more dinner nights together. :)

 photo P1020750_zps43163779.jpg

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I'll miss this act cute girl. xD

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