Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Garden Dining & My Short Hair.

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Had a really nice and expensive dinner with Zylia after work yesterday. :)

Sigh. To think I promised myself to curb my spendings; in preparation for my overseas trip in February and March............... I failed terribly and overspent awfully lot on the first dinner out this year. x,x But it was a really good dinner, so I shan't complain or whine. /getsoverit

SO! Zylia picked the place this time........... Actually, she's going to be picking all our dinner place from now on (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) since all the places I've recommended so far are of substandard to her. :(

Canopy Garden Dining was good. Expensive, but good.

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Located at Bishan Park.
Supposedly an hour bus journey for us from our offices.
BUT!!! Zylia's colleague gave us a lift and drove us very very near to the restuarant!!!!
Saved on bus fare and time. ;3

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I really liked the place.
But by the time we were done with dinner, the place was dark. :(
Would loveeeeeee to try their brunch someday.

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Checking out their latest promotion.
1-for-1 Main Course with every 2 starters.

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This girl...........
Shopping online once we've arrived and again, an hour later while we walked around.

 photo P1150846_zps1dd5f86e.jpg

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foie gras salad
First time trying foie gras and I LOVE IT!!
But,,,,,, it's so cruel how it comes about. :/

 photo P1150850_zps4f2ee046.jpg
mussel pot in white wine
I wanna try it in cream next time!

 photo P1150851_zps26b678dc.jpg
sakura chicken

I got a shock when this was served.
I always have issues eating something so "complicated" without my hands.
&The last time I had half a chicken was when Haniza treated and practically did the de-boning for me. :x

BUT! This was so easy!!! /flipshairproud
Not sure if it's because of the perfectly cooked chicken or if it's always that easy though. Lol.
&To prevent myself from eating too much, I gave almost half of my portion to Zylia. :X

 photo P1150853_zps3b7fca83.jpg
lamb shank
I prefer the one I had onboard Mariner of the Seas.
And Zylia said she thought it was roasted lamb shank which she miss after having it in Perth.

 photo P1150858_zps86a8b798.jpg  photo P1150860_zpsa29e5e39.jpg
Here's us walking to Ang Mo Kio Hub after a hearty dinner. ^^

I needed to get candles for my mother's birthday surprise later in the night but didn't know where would be appropriate. We end up having desserts at Fruit Paradise.

 photo IMG-20140106-WA0025_zps2a7a46bd.jpg

 photo P1150861_zpse5c3ff9e.jpg

One tart.
$9+++ for a candle. LMAO.

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 photo IMG-20140106-WA0026_zps432ba6e9.jpg  photo IMG-20140106-WA0027_zps5196de43.jpg

 photo IMG-20140106-WA0029_zps07916007.jpg

 photo IMG-20140106-WA0030_zps83637ac8.jpg

&In case you didn't realize, my hair is now short again. :)
My fringe was a mistake. ><
&As much as I love (and now miss) my previous hair length, the haircut was necessary as I treat my hairfall issue. T^T

 photo IMG-20140105-WA0005_zps5e2c5588.jpg  photo IMG-20140105-WA0000_zps7d71b1cc.jpg
Here's Jolene and I after our hair treatments on Sunday. :)
Jolene redid her hair to make it less attention seeking.

Coincidentally, our hotgirlfriend Karena was also doing her hair in a salon all ~~~~~ the way in Taiwan.
 photo IMG-20140105-WA0002_zps8f20ed10.jpg
Looking pretty even without her face. :3

 photo IMG-20140105-WA0004_zpsa0a432ca.jpg

Not in love with my current length and style but I'm not gonna whine any further.
And for the Lunar New Year + overseas trip.
Besides, my mother thinks I'm really cute like this.

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&A kiddy me to end this entry. :)

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