Saturday, September 12, 2015

Haniza, Driver!

So proud of Haniza to have passed her driving! WOOHOO!!! No pictures taken from today's movie date, but it's still worth a mention in my blog because..... my Primary School bestfriend passed her driving and gave me a short ride!!!! HEHEHE. Though I'm not the first to hitch a ride from her, SOBS.

She was already out driving on her rented car (this is so convenient for people now! Though not exactly pocket friendly compared to actually buying a car...) and I took the train down to meet her for a movie! ^^ Took a short ride today and I'm so psyched! Now, I hope we can drive in Perth. Yes yes, have I mentioned about Perth? I AM GOING TO PERTH EARLY NEXT MONTH!!! So excited!!!

Lets just hope we can drive around (officially). HEHEHEHE. There's so many things to consider (mostly ma parents, really) and laws to take note of! :3

Okay. This is actually a random update because I'm bored. HEH.


Oh ya. I didn't get a ride home though. SOBS. Met up with her sister after movie and they went for party. MEH!!!! Lol.

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