Thursday, July 31, 2014

July's Snapshots!

 photo P1040960_zps16394584.jpg
It's time of the month again for some Sugar spamming pictures!!!

 photo P1040956_zps86236c3f.jpg
Introducing, our curious dog and her many faces (only three actually lol)

 photo P1040963_zpsd632fd25.jpg
Her puppy eye face that makes you scream "so cutteeeeeeee!!"
I can never get sick of this face.

 photo IMG-20140718-WA0015_zpsde6675a4.jpg

 photo 20140706_181543_zpsc4d4dc34.jpg
Here's the puppy eyes with a baby behind! Lol.

Check out Sugar trying to bite out her baby!

 photo 20140707_174131_zps35566c21.jpg
And here's curious Sugar~ Forever looking out the window when in the car.

 photo IMG-20140707-WA0002_zpsa2ec30a1.jpg

 photo 20140722_175244_zps43e6d8bf.jpg
Here's her waiting for my mother to end work.

We also took a video of her bobbing her head along the music.

To be honest, it's NOT her own doing. But it was so hilarious!!! Especially so when other people actually think she's the one doing it. :X I didn't have the heart to break the news to these people... But, guys... We shook her along to the music. LOL. The only thing we didn't do was shift her head. It's so so so cool and cute how she turn her head at the exact same beat three times!!!

 photo 20140715_090526_zpsea81c15c.jpg
And here's sleepy Sugar.
I can wake up to this everyday and still not get sick of it. :3

I was bored from watching my shows and decide to disturb the sleeping baby.
Made a fart sound and whistled. This is how she is 90% of the time.

 photo 20140702_213034_zpse403de7f.jpg

 photo P1350149_zps3c7542af.jpg
Forever so nua.

 photo 20140715_090537_zpsa8ff6c82.jpg
-Screams awwwww♥-

 photo P1040998_zps8c2df6a0.jpg  photo P1040999_zps32341223.jpg  photo P1050001_zpsee1f255c.jpg
I super love this cube balloon.
Got it for Zylia for her birthday and played with it for a bit. HEHE.

 photo P1050002_zpscea2f75c.jpg photo P1050005_zps0d45a8d3.jpg  photo P1050006_zps70c9b9d2.jpg

 photo P1040995_zps6aa4cc80.jpg  photo P1040996_zps5a7786ee.jpg

 photo P1040997_zpsb0d14123.jpg

Enough of Sugar, now some other pictures taken this month!

 photo 20140708_150923_zps5757ded1.jpg  photo 20140708_151006_zps9acb6619.jpg
Earlier this month when I accompanied Jolene for a haircut a day before her 21-day trip to Bangkok and Korea. She's still there. I miss her and I'm extremely jealous!

 photo 20140708_151024_zps1b5ce4bb.jpg  photo 20140708_151031_zpsbfbadabe.jpg
She looks cute with short fringe, right?

 photo 20140718_150151_zpse7c4d59a.jpg
A gift from Yugine.
I remember eating it when I was young but it's no longer sold her.
Hurrrr.. I'm missing these already. T^T

 photo 20140719_200607_zps8e51c8ce.jpg
&Here's a random insert of a wedding we attended.
We don't know the bride or groom at all. :X
It's like a long distant cousin we've never heard or seen before.

BUT HEY! The wedding was very entertaining and the food were good! I manage to catchup with some other distant cousin too! We used to chance upon each other once a year but after the relative pass, we haven't even got the chance to be at the same place anymore. Lol. (To be honest, we're so distant that I don't even remember seeing her at all. :X)

AND OH! After attending this wedding, I told my parents I would abandon the goal to get a condo and have a wedding at Hyatt instead. LOL.

 photo 20140719_195405_zpsedc36bc4.jpg
I had at least 4 cups of Lychee Tea I tell you!
High on Lychee Tea that night. Lol.

 photo 20140719_195652_zps05b8e237.jpg
The focus of this shot was the flowers but this random uncle popped in to photobomb. -,-

 photo 20140719_225806_zpsb4cbedb7.jpg
Sneakily took a picture of the bride's dress. The husband designed it!

 photo 20140719_233047_zpsabb01b38.jpg
Damn nice these rose macaroons!

 photo 20140719_233154_zps6161ce32.jpg

 photo 20140721_114830_zpsf8ae5d3f.jpg
&Here you have another random shot.
My breakfast one fine day. I've been cooking quite a bit lately. :3

 photo 20140722_171556_zpsfb46346c.jpg
&Check out up red and slightly swollen ring finger.
It was so freaking spicy after I cut up a few chilli. :( I didn't know handling chilli would cause such pain and torture. T^T It was painful for two days!

 photo IMG-20140722-WA0003_zps1e96fa60.jpg
Heheehe. I'll never not find this cute!

 photo 20140722_190742_zps753a5749.jpg  photo 20140722_190815_zps4af7ecec.jpg
Random shots of these cactus because the family was plant shopping, I was bored and these cactus reminded me of someone. :/

 photo 20140722_191818_zpsa278f936.jpg
Another evidence of how bored I was.
Check of Sugar! It looks like she's also discussing with my Dad and Sis about the plant. LOL.


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