Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life. And Jokes.

Oh how life has its way of fooling with people.

Shit happens.

This morning, I called up to accept the offer and confirm the time to sign the contract. It was for a position that I think is doable; Not exactly what I want. But, I made up my mind.

Hours later, someone called and asked if I was keen for a position I've been aiming for. From a listed company. A pretty big company. My jaw dropped and my heart sank.

Seriously, life has its way to fool people.

Shitty timing.

It took me a while to calm down from the myriad of emotion; Anxiety, confusion, anger and....... I was just despondent.

After I recovered from the overwhelming emotions, I made up my mind.

To hell with it.

I shouldn't break my promise and be irresponsible. What's been confirm and decided shall be proceeded. It's contract based anyway. I can just give what I want a second go in future and give this new path a try.

Who knows what's in for us anyway, right?

Oh how life has its way of fooling with people.

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