Saturday, August 02, 2014

Last Free Friday!

This week has been eventful!

From interviews, to job offers, to serious contemplation, to accepting offer, to getting another opportunity and just.... it's been a pretty hectic week. Haven't felt this busy for a really really long time and I'm not complaining.

Very quickly, I'm embarking on a new path.

And yesterday, it was my last free Friday.... So quickly. I'm so going to miss all these leisure time I've enjoyed thus far! & also miss all the crowd-less shopping... :X But but but~~ Welcome to more money money! And a more fruitful life. HEHEHE.

Coincidentally, it's not the last free Friday for me only. Coincidentally, Weishan and I got offered a position this week and we're both starting work next week (different days though!). What are the odds!!?

To celebrate this coincidence, and finally getting employed, we met up to have a nice meal together. (Except, I was the only one who had a meal. LOL)

As usual, it was a quick meal. But, I'll definitely miss these random meal time we've had in the past!
Trying out new places together, meeting to satisfy cravings, going to Hougang 1 for breakfast/lunch and traveling to Nanyang Poly for Lok Lok... Dammmn, I'll miss this Weishan! T^T

 photo P1350267_zpscf1866d6.jpg
SO!!! We dined at TWG!
I had Lasagne! :D
I like how it wasn't too heavy? And how light the tea fragrant was infused in the dish.

 photo P1350271_zps66f55323.jpg
Random shot of our tea Weishan was trying to capture the mess I made with my knife. Lol.

 photo P1350269_zps3326d649.jpg
My hair is....... in a terrible state.
This is after I've trimmed it, wtf?!

 photo P1350270_zps1ce38959.jpg
My pretty permanentbestfriend!!!!! HEHEHEHE.
After lunch, I went back home to rest and work a little, before going out again to have dinner with Zylia, Yanhua, Robbin and Bin. It was a fun night! Chatted about lotsa stuffs over beer(as usual). But I guess the most memorable topic was gay sex wtf. LOL. Thanks to Bin and his gayfriends who gave him too much details. -,-

I am happy with how I ended my last free Friday. With nothing but the company of good friends. :) No pictures with the people at night because...... we never have the habit of taking pictures. But, Bin did snap a few hideous shots of himself. LMAO. I have weird friends.

I miss my girlfriends though.


 photo P1350272_zps3f9cd478.jpg

 photo P1350273_zps2a8ae3af.jpg

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