Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Family Day Event

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Hi Hi Hi! ^^ It's Sunday, a nice warm day perfect for a family day out! Did you head out today?

Three of us were busy since the morning to help out in an event for families in Punggol. It was a simple involvement, but it felt like I did something really good at the end of the day. Am happy that the event was successful and brought smiles and joy in other families.... :')

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Here's us again last week.
Was on duty to promote the event and register families/people who were interested.

I was pleased to know that there are actually many people who are interested in activities organized by communities! My family has never been keen.. We are vaguely aware that the community group at our area has events and one-day JB trips every once in a while, but we never stop to take a second look at the poster...... Let alone register for any activities. Lol. Anyway! It felt nice interacting with some people from Punggol. Was also nice to be spending some time with the girls.

I also helped my colleague register for the event so she could have a nice family day too!

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&fastforward to today! The event itself.
We helped out a little here and there before starting our duty at our stations.

I was incharge of the "Laser Tag" area. It was a small setup, but I could see students having fun going against each other, and families playing just as thrilled! My colleague came with her family and had fun too! So many people were going around with gold fishes in their tiny tanks. It was quite amusing. Lol.

The weather was slightly warmer today, but I guess it didn't stop everyone else from having fun. Especially kids in the bouncing castle. Hahaha. There were also food booths and I finally tried Ramly's burger! Yes, I've lived my life for 24 years, but have never tried the infamous Ramly's burger. So unhealthy!! :X Lol. It was very yummy though. Perfect for the hungry tummies we had. :3

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Getting our hands tattoo-ed at the end of the day.

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I'm glad we got involved in the community, but I hope we can stop attending their monthly meeting. :X

Ciaos! I'm tired now.

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