Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Parents' Wedding Anniversary

It's Wednesday!!! Midweek!!! And it's a special day..............

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Went out for a family dinner to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary.

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Checked out Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt. X The hotel they held their wedding ceremony 26 years ago. :)

I've actually reserved another place for us, but it didn't turn out to be suitable for the folks or dinner. It was a place for cheese and wine. LOL. I have to do proper research next time.... Luckily, there are more than just one restaurant in the hotel and we decided on Straits Kitchen. A buffet restaurant offering local cuisine. I suddenly recall Haniza telling me about her experience here! She liked it here... And so did we! The food was all good; Doesn't fall too far from being authentic and are mostly very delicious.

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Dad already digging in before I could take any pictures.

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Kueh kueh for desserts?

 photo P1390391.jpg

 photo P1390405.jpg
One round of desserts~
I had so much jackfruit and redbean soup. LOL.

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They also had chilli crab too!

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 photo P1390409.jpg
Second round of desserts.. :3

 photo P1390407.jpg
How it's like most of the time on our dining table. Not the kids using their phones, mind you. THE PARENTS!
It can be quite annoying. Tsktsk.

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I'm feeling so full now, I don't think I can sleep!

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