Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trekking With A Pair of Couples!

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Yes, I was the lightbulb for the day. xD

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Jiaxuan has been wanting to do some trekking and so we did! :D
After having delayed this trekking trip three times, we have finally met up this morning!

We planned to meet at 10am but only got together at 11am and managed to start trekking only at 12pm. x,x
Thanks to Dickson ah......... :p

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Us in Vivo City's toilet after a hearty breakfast in MacDoinald's. :3

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The last time I was there with Jiaxuan and Kesslyn dates way back in 2008. :O
Freaking 5 years ago..... Lol.
Just in time, we also took the chance to retake some pictures we did back then too. hehe.

 photo P1150109_zps2b41c545.jpg
Just before the long flight of stairs and while waiting for the-forever-troublesome Kesslyn to change her shoes.

I think age is really catching up with all of us.
We remember very clearly how easy it was when we first did it. We were still able to joke around and take pictures.
But but but, this time.......... we were just quiet and walking. LOL.

 photo P1150114_zps277e67b8.jpg
View and scent was still as nice though. :3
It's sometimes nice to be out in the sun.

While we were still enjoying the scenery, some Poly students approached us to fill up some surveys.

 photo P1150115_zps83e03e6f.jpg
Third year students, doing their Final Year Projects.
One of them asked "So, you guys are having holidays now?"
I guess we looked kiddy because they actually thought we're younger...

"No dear, we're actually degree holders already......"

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 photo P1150125_zpsa54dab81.jpg

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Check out the background.

 photo P1150128_zps6e5cac86.jpg
This Kesslyn forever being silly; making us pull her up. Tssssssssssk.

 photo P1150135_zpsb46112cb.jpg
Here is us trying to look for pictures we took during our first trek.

 photo P1150139_zps5c1e605a.jpg

 photo P1150143_zps3367726b.jpg

LOL. Cute hor?
I believe Kesslyn look prettier now. ♥,♥ hehe.

 photo P1150144_zps87a3f173.jpg

 photo P1150146_zps6d4f9c39.jpg

hehe. It was quite fun going through old pictures and trying to take similar shots again.

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 photo P1150150_zpsc28ec2ef.jpg

 photo P1150168_zps0d0a072d.jpg
This Dickson playing with ants. He took pictures and videos.
x,x So gross!

 photo P1150169_zps8380bb02.jpg

 photo P1150171_zps3f5c76f8.jpg
We're near the Henderson Wave!!!!

 photo P1150172_zpse63c9293.jpg

 photo P1150173_zps12eb16da.jpg
I......... have......... no........... idea.......... what....... Dickson....... asked.... us....... to...... do. x,x

 photo P1150174_zps99c2ab09.jpg  photo P1150175_zps3f686bb7.jpg

 photo P1150181_zpse1077eb6.jpg  photo P1150182_zps58f24957.jpg

 photo P1150184_zpsdb27d40f.jpg

Wow... I just realize the "Henderson Waves" used to be so dirty.

 photo P1150190_zps978d64a7.jpg

 photo P1150192_zps3a74f359.jpg
This Kesslyn damn funny.
Kept struggling when Dickson first lifted her; but when I said "Okay, one... two... three"
She quickly posed. Tsktsk.

 photo P1150193_zpsc557ebda.jpg
/failed heart.

 photo P1150194_zpsf9cb9bf9.jpg
Dickson gave a really difficult pose.
Surfing. Zz
And then, I kept falling but Kesslyn was on it very long.
It was super funny while I watch her shake from losing her arm strength. Hahahaha.

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Perky butt. xD

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 photo P1150218_zpsec754453.jpg

 photo P1150226_zpsb437d64a.jpg
It was superrrrrr hot!
But good weather means good pictures! :3

 photo P1150227_zps0f7812b4.jpg

 photo P1150231_zpsedaa0e18.jpg
Me: "Give me some attention......"

 photo P1150232_zps8502431d.jpg
Me: :((( "These two lovey dovey"

 photo P1150234_zps2f7eeb6d.jpg
Of course, just kidding.... hehe.

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 photo P1150241_zps7bb96380.jpg
We were screaming from the heat while Jiaxuan adjusted the camera angle.

 photo P1150243_zpsb43d9bf2.jpg

 photo P1150245_zps09ca89e2.jpg
But the pictures turn out quite nice...

 photo P1150246_zpsec8ebd1c.jpg

 photo 20131214_131815_zpsf37ac5a0.jpg

 photo P1150249_zps7008eaca.jpg  photo P1150251_zps836b98db.jpg

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 photo C360_2013-12-14-13-49-14-071_zps18e004eb.jpg

 photo P1150263_zps52faf96e.jpg
Nice deco at Hort Park!

 photo P1150271_zps20f3c5bb.jpg

 photo P1150279_zps87e133ad.jpg

 photo P1150280_zps7bedc166.jpg


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 photo C360_2013-12-14-14-35-38-197_zpsd37687a2.jpg  photo C360_2013-12-14-15-21-34-614_zpsc66d390c.jpg

 photo C360_2013-12-14-15-22-07-813_zps1a1048b5.jpg  photo C360_2013-12-14-14-28-59-385_zpsb78a181e.jpg

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