Thursday, December 19, 2013


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It's a little early but,,,,,

Mini picture spam before I proceed to spazz about the awesome awesome time with my happypills. xD

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♥ Girls of the clique!

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Swollen but happy faces on the last day.
The last (wo)men standing! xD

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Can you see we had fun, fun, fun???? \O/

It was a 3 days 2 night celebration.

No words can describe how fun, funny, happy and crazy we were!! ^^   :D   xD   \O/
Come to think it, I find myself repeating this very often when I blog about these guys.


Even though we only had our full strength on the first night (It was over the weekdays! And, some of them had school commitments.); I guess that was good enough since it was the night we planned to exchange gifts for Christmas. In fact, it was actually the night we took the most pictures, laughed the hardest and went the craziest with each other!! ^^ Definitely the best Christmas we've had so far!! :3

So fun, so crazy; that it took me one and a half days to fully recover. Lol.
(Maybe it's just the age. :B boo!)

Came back home in the noon yesterday and napped till early evening. But, I was too stoned to update about it until now. x,x There's also plenty of pictures (more than 400 this time!) to arrange and decide which to blog!! I've scaled down to about 200. Too many nice/funny pictures, I can't bare to skip! So...... yeah, you've been warned about this image-obese entry. xD

I did not manage to sleep a lot even though I'd planned to rest. It has been a while since our last chalet and I told Weishan we must make sure we have proper rest to have fun in the day this time! We even had a lot of verbal plans of what to do... Like morning PTs and other random games! None of that happened. x,x In the end, we only had proper rest on the last night and barely rested on the first. But we had a really good heart-to-heart session on the first night! So it was okay.

I am just sad we didn't do much drinking. Zz Wanted to play some games and even bought poker cards!!!! End up just doing a really long heart-to-heart talk.



Still, I feel super duper blessed to have found these wonderful friends to grow up with! They gave meaning to so so so many festive! Especially Christmas. Annnd, before I go on to make this entry all mushy and gooey; here's a not-very-short video of our best Christmas celebration so far! XD

A sweet summary of our 3 days 2 night chalet.
Most of us keep exclaiming how we're all smiles when we watch the video and how we rewatch it to relive the moments!

And now, start to the entry! :D

DAY 1: Preparation, a lot of waiting and gift exchange!

 photo P1150303_zps3c489906.jpg
Our long long list of groceries for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Because more than half of us were either bounded by school activities or work issues, there was only Weishan, Gary and I who were available for grocery shopping. Took us about an hour or so to round up everything for second day's breakfast, lunch and dinner. We even had remaining funds to buy some decorations!!!!! Was super excited because this is probably our first time decorating for photo-shoot. hehe.

Later, we dropped by my office to collect two cartons of 24-can drinks kindly sponsored by my manager! (Actually, no... Our company gives us cartons of drinks but her family doesn't have the habit of drinking those so I offered to buy them over and she was super nice to just gift it to us. HEH!) And then it was........... to the chalet!!!!! Got lost and had to make an extra turn. Lol.

Grateful to my mother who helped book the chalet and took time to check-in for us! ^^

It was a little upsetting that the management was extremely strict this time. Pets weren't allowed too!

 photo P1150321_zps829d2ec7.jpg
The decoration team!
Not that I didn't wanna help but I won't be able to reach the top anywayz! lol.

 photo P1150323_zps839a6d14.jpg

 photo P1150324_zps59566cab.jpg

 photo P1150325_zps726591a8.jpg
Testing the camera angle to make sure photos would turn out nice.
And there you see a little bit of Soohou's hand and knee.
He arrived at the chalet the same time as us!

 photo P1150329_zps80f73628.jpg

 photo P1150332_zps3361ca8c.jpg

 photo P1150333_zps463c14f8.jpg

 photo P1150334_zps75c4dbf3.jpg

After these shots, we proceeded to nua and wait for the others.................................

 photo P1150338_zpsbc6d9719.jpg
I end up mopping the entire chalet and washing all the dishes.
Not that the chalet isn't already clean but,,, I just think it could be cleaner.

We booked Treehouse Villa.
Opposite my all-time favourite Seaview Resort. Lol.

 photo P1150305_zps2fea054c.jpg

 photo P1150306_zpsb398e812.jpg
Spot the blackblack lurking. xD

 photo P1150307_zps17804ad8.jpg

 photo P1150308_zps27784366.jpg

 photo P1150309_zps9509d0fb.jpg

 photo P1150310_zpsef88d2c6.jpg

 photo P1150311_zps505f7321.jpg

 photo P1150312_zps7e12bab3.jpg

 photo P1150313_zps1a37c8af.jpg
Gary went crazy with this, I swear!
Every now and then filling it up for god knows what reason.
There was even this time he forgot to shut off the water AND IT WAS FILLED TO THE BRIM!!!
Waste water!

Anyway, the guys tried this bath area and said it was better because of the shower-head.

 photo P1150316_zps0f4f20e1.jpg

 photo P1150318_zps3df3bff7.jpg  photo P1150319_zps22bf1db0.jpg
Overall very very similar to Seaview Resort but I guess a tad smaller?
Weishan says the one we got this time isn't as nice as the one her sister got.

 photo P1150451_zps3712f6c9.jpg

 photo P1150452_zps2388c76f.jpg

 photo P1150453_zps8ce14980.jpg
And that's all for the chalet. :)

 photo P1150349_zps3daca128.jpg
Check out the outside! It was already very dark.
I was already done with all the washing and mopping and cleaning.
Weishan, Gary and Soohou were already over and done with lazing around.
And most importantly, WE WERE FAMISHED!!!!!!
It was already 8pm!!!
But no one else were in sight except the four of us. T^T

 photo P1150342_zps01d4066a.jpg  photo P1150344_zpsd2d2b1bc.jpg

 photo P1150346_zpsab9091f6.jpg

 photo P1150352_zpse56ac568.jpg

 photo P1150347_zps5876af86.jpg

 photo P1150353_zps41285c0f.jpg

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!
Karena and Kesslyn FINALLY arrived with Lance and Chiulee following behind a while later.

It was 9pm. :O

 photo P1150356_zps1041edc8.jpg

I was already starving! But at this point, Lance and Chiulee weren't there yet.
So, we.... camwhored!!!!!!

 photo P1150358_zpsc782fe2f.jpg

 photo P1150365_zps9f5179fd.jpg
Trying to carry here but too heavy. :x

 photo P1150369_zps3dfa01cf.jpg

 photo P1150371_zpsd8b3c2cd.jpg

 photo P1150373_zpsc03fc175.jpg
I know we took a lot of shots, but we wanted a proper one.

 photo P1150375_zpsc9238b1c.jpg
See this girl photo-bombing again!!! Lol.

 photo P1150376_zps85994af7.jpg

 photo P1150377_zpsff4c508f.jpg
& Yes, here is when the monkey Lance and Chiulee finally arrives with fooooooooooooooooood!!!!
But since we're at it, food can wait for a bit. xD

 photo P1150378_zps4e7b5491.jpg

 photo P1150379_zpscdf95c52.jpg

 photo P1150380_zpsd6a47fde.jpg

 photo P1150381_zpsb15553dc.jpg

 photo P1150383_zpse0c75b55.jpg

 photo P1150385_zps40cdc527.jpg

 photo P1150355_zpsaf815cce.jpg

Our plan this time was - drawing lots to decide who to prepare which meal.

 photo P1150392_zps50fa520f.jpg
As you can see, Lance and Chiulee were paired to prepare dinner.
But because they were busy with school before, they could only order pizza for dinner.
Safest, easiest and the most delicious choice! xD

 photo P1150395_zps54695a9e.jpg

 photo P1150397_zps02b03f63.jpg

 photo P1150398_zps4db7cc4e.jpg

 photo P1150400_zpsa1afe12f.jpg
&Yes, we ate without Jolene because she was arriving EVEN LATER! /faint

 photo CIMG1481_zps984f98a3.jpg
Photo-ready amidst the chaos. xD

We finally filled our stomach and was feeling all satisfied, so we did some camwhoring to digest while waiting for slowpoke Jolene to arrive.

 photo CIMG1482_zpsa82e8c1f.jpg

 photo CIMG1486_zps69060daa.jpg

 photo CIMG1488_zps32f7023d.jpg
Happy people is happy. xD

 photo CIMG1491_zps12f06a12.jpg

 photo CIMG8602_zps6e950b00.jpg

 photo CIMG8603_zpsa64d6fac.jpg

 photo CIMG8607_zpse6a9e6c1.jpg

 photo CIMG8609_zpsd2360a05.jpg
I have no idea why we kept squeezing and moving forward when there's plenty of space AND OUR DECORATIONS behind.
Tsk tsk, our excitement should be maintained.

 photo CIMG8610_zpsb739f025.jpg

 photo CIMG8612_zps41cb217a.jpg

 photo CIMG8613_zps0bb97dba.jpg

 photo CIMG8614_zps6fb63771.jpg

 photo CIMG8615_zpsc93ddb88.jpg

 photo CIMG8616_zpsf99b546b.jpg

 photo CIMG8617_zps2ad7968c.jpg

 photo CIMG8621_zps250a799a.jpg
Finally some proper shots. HEHE.

 photo CIMG8624_zpsaa06af71.jpg

 photo CIMG8625_zps68905022.jpg

 photo CIMG8626_zpscb644b96.jpg

 photo CIMG8627_zps33f8428e.jpg

 photo CIMG8628_zps57367b8f.jpg
Soohou look so funny here!!!

AH! We also took some timelapse video.
Go check out the video! xD

 photo CIMG8629_zps4a6f2cb3.jpg

 photo P1150420_zps5b894ad1.jpg
The only way Gary would have smaller head would be going behind another person.

 photo CIMG8631_zps72ce620f.jpg
Lance and his Monkey onesie!
I was hoping we can all get something because it is sooooo cute!
Our pajamas plan failed too. :( End up with a no-theme theme.

 photo CIMG8638_zps8ff40737.jpg

 photo CIMG8639_zps41b967de.jpg

 photo CIMG8642_zps3f04b6d2.jpg

 photo CIMG8646_zpsba6b7e6a.jpg

 photo CIMG8647_zpsfb831915.jpg

 photo CIMG8649_zps745793db.jpg

 photo CIMG8651_zps7f0f8b91.jpg

 photo CIMG8652_zps0a9c8113.jpg
Someone (must be Karena) said to be "cool".
And there is Karena smiling so sweetly.

 photo CIMG8650_zps8a2359df.jpg

 photo CIMG8654_zpsd74e9540.jpg

&see what I mean by taking the most pictures on the first night?
Almost halfway into my entry and I'm not even started on our gift exchange. Lol.

 photo P1150404_zps31112ee7.jpg

 photo CIMG8658_zps8264d164.jpg
&the Mojo Jojo finally made an entrance! :D
Group photo is a must! \O/

 photo CIMG8659_zpsf79f1b8f.jpg

 photo CIMG8664_zpsc6ff15e5.jpg

 photo CIMG8666_zpsf52744ab.jpg

 photo CIMG8671_zps6859b6c9.jpg

 photo CIMG8673_zpsbc3f3eec.jpg
No one listens when we take pictures. :(
And I was sharing Weishan's idea to do something... :/

 photo CIMG8680_zpscc3ebc17.jpg

 photo CIMG8683_zpsdace463e.jpg

 photo CIMG8684_zps8d2a45a7.jpg

 photo CIMG8685_zps1b2f52a6.jpg
We have the smart, the weird, the cute, the silly, the sexy and the blackpretty. xD

 photo CIMG8689_zpsf8db7bb2.jpg
Check out Soohou's new plaids!
Can't see it?

 photo CIMG8692_zps31e46a58.jpg
Tadaaaaaah! LOL.

 photo P1150403_zps84b29a8e.jpg
&Here's the start to our gift exchange!
Had to do it before Chiulee and Samuel leaves for home. :'(

The videos are hilarious!
But stupid .MTS extension isn't allowed in photobucket...
You'll have to settle with the full length video and slowly search for the correct time!

Everyone was talking weirdly during this. LOL.

 photo CIMG8715_zps2053fda0.jpg

 photo CIMG8719_zpse412fda8.jpg
Karena, chosen as the bunnygirl!
I have no idea why Soohou said this was an award ceremony. LOL.

 photo CIMG8738_zps40ca3b68.jpg
Samuel going all "There's two layers of wrappers oh~ There's two layers of wrappers!"

 photo CIMG8739_zpsd2d02676.jpg

 photo CIMG8752_zpsbb6e4b1a.jpg
Next up!

 photo CIMG8754_zps50e48f2a.jpg
"She's someone who does a lot of craft-work, I hope she has use of this~~~"

 photo CIMG8762_zps041d31db.jpg

 photo CIMG8765_zps555fdcc7.jpg
Samuel going all hyper after we "french kissed" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
 photo CIMG8779_zpsd7fbbcaf.jpg

 photo CIMG8784_zps92ab5838.jpg
Super happy with the gift!
A scrapbook with snowflakes chops! :D

 photo CIMG8788_zps95b5302b.jpg

 photo CIMG8792_zps0b1f9ea5.jpg
Me doing a not-so-introductory speech.

 photo CIMG8793_zps1641b175.jpg

 photo CIMG8797_zps035c0e97.jpg
I picked Soohou!!!!
Actually, Karena was the one but we had to swap because she always have fate with Soohou. Lol.

 photo CIMG8801_zps41ede8c2.jpg
And we "french kissed" too!!!
This picture is a little too obscene. LOL. But, no, I have no idea who started it but yeah, we just did the angle trick.

 photo CIMG8803_zps8352257e.jpg
Here is me asking "What? What? What?" because Mojo kept saying I was a beast!

 photo CIMG8816_zps5310d473.jpg
A belt and a notebook!

 photo CIMG8833_zps6e4d6276.jpg
Because we went one round already, Chiulee was the next chosen Santarina!

 photo CIMG8835_zps87ce014f.jpg

In the video, you would see Jolene go all weird saying
"This is for you all~ This is for you all~"
while doing princess wave.
Like....... ?! Mad ah. Lol.

 photo CIMG8864_zps7f719c51.jpg
"She's someone who likes Pink and Purple"
Who else but ling-jie?
 photo CIMG8871_zps32e387ae.jpg

 photo CIMG8880_zps9f66013a.jpg

I feel happy and blessed while browsing through the pictures and seeing every single shot with us smiling at any moment. :')

 photo CIMG8884_zpse17ba26a.jpg

 photo CIMG8888_zpsa9e9f1cd.jpg
Must watch video to see how cute and candid Karena is. Bwahahahaha.

 photo CIMG8892_zps079b0282.jpg

 photo CIMG8898_zps0a5cb06f.jpg

 photo CIMG8913_zps66f5fa21.jpg
Because it was bunnygirl's turn, bunnygayboy took over.
/cue watch video!/

 photo CIMG8931_zpsc6e2c202.jpg
A mega huge Hershey chocolate???????

 photo CIMG8934_zpsb5396462.jpg
This Karena Chong really last warning.
Gave her a fake gift (this has sanitary pads!) and took up a lot of video time.
Her video was too long so I refuse to give her more screen time on my blog. LOL.
(There's just no pictures already)

 photo CIMG8970_zpsc94d7575.jpg
"My gift is for my............ BESTIE!!!!!"

 photo CIMG8972_zps8c0fe254.jpg
Gary was given some chocolate dispenser with money where he went
"Eh, 有钱勒!!!! (got money leh!!!!)"

 photo CIMG8985_zps1aee2c3d.jpg

 photo CIMG8987_zpsc92991fc.jpg
Gift part two.
Everyone burst out laughing!!!
We even made him dance a little!

 photo CIMG8989_zpsfeefe038.jpg
"这个 Wonderwoman 这么多脚毛. (This Wonderwoman has a lot of leg hair)"

 photo CIMG9015_zpsd724a674.jpg
This deserves the best gift award!
Weishan seem to always get the funniest and quirkiest gifts!

 photo CIMG8998_zps908ed752.jpg

 photo CIMG9000_zps4f3cc095.jpg
Fake gift and then the real deal.
Cannot understand what these two has in their minds. LOL.

 photo CIMG9007_zps2f1fdcb5.jpg
Lance gave Chiulee a scheduler with this picture I don't think I should upload.
(No, not R21. Just some guy) LOL.

 photo CIMG9016_zps72a64528.jpg

 photo CIMG9022_zps7bee1094.jpg
&so, our gift exchange ended with nothing but happy faces!

End of our first day. ^^ And I'm barely halfway done WTH!!! Lol.

Day 2: Eat, sleep, play.

A simple sentence to sum up what we did for the day.
Literally only ate, slept and played. Lol.

Our initial planned verbally made (during Soohou's birthday dinner) was to play camp-like games! But because our heart-to-heart session ended at around 3am (a few of us almost didn't sleep at all!), we end up having breakfast at 12pm. And then lunch at 2pm. LOL! Dinner was planned to start at 6pm but lucky we changed it to 8pm or else, every single one of us would have been stuck on the dining table for the entire day.

We really only ate and napped while some watched TV.

Ah! But we did play wii's 'Just Dance' for a little bit. THE FOUR PLAYERS DANCES ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!!

 photo CIMG9035_zps2cb7e41a.jpg
Kesslyn setting the table.

 photo CIMG9036_zpsc4334b7c.jpg
Next in line to prepare breakfast was Kesslyn and I!
The cooking pan was HORRIBLE!!!!
Burned my toast, left terrible stain marks, took forever to cook my bacon and gave me a hard time cooking my scramble eggs!!!! :(
I had to keep washing the pan because of the stain marks. Zz

 photo CIMG9038_zpsadc283f9.jpg

 photo CIMG9041_zps9c739e52.jpg
Here's Weishan.
Turning into pillow after camping there for breakfast since 8am. Lol.

 photo CIMG9042_zps87d86650.jpg
Them attempting to imitate Jolene's after-bath head.

 photo CIMG9043_zps51df896e.jpg

 photo CIMG9045_zpsd9e92371.jpg

 photo CIMG9047_zps9256e8ae.jpg
Same same but different.

 photo CIMG9048_zpsb92e007f.jpg

Pity Kesslyn and I were busy in the kitchen, missed this good laugh...

 photo CIMG9050_zps908bb5ad.jpg
Just as planned, at 12pm.

 photo CIMG9051_zpsd29c0e14.jpg

 photo CIMG9055_zpsc10a8ef2.jpg
Simple setting that Kesslyn put effort to arrange.
(Lunch's setting totally made this look plain)

 photo CIMG9056_zps22b7ee8e.jpg
Lance finally waking up after Weishan and Karena went to hammer him up. xD
/watch video!/

 photo CIMG9057_zps4c0bb0b8.jpg

 photo CIMG9062_zps9aefc5d0.jpg
There's me preparing customized lunch for them!
I'm upset that the wrap didn't turn out as what I wanted though.
Cheese became cold and hardened. :(

 photo CIMG9063_zps3931f1df.jpg
Pretty Mojo Jojo! ♥

 photo CIMG9064_zps6e842f37.jpg

 photo CIMG9065_zps068c33be.jpg

 photo CIMG9069_zpsb1725c1a.jpg

 photo CIMG9070_zps8274ab05.jpg
Unglam shot of me OMG!
But I guess I will look like this when I extract my wisdom tooth. LOL. If I ever that is.

 photo CIMG9071_zps15bf2f3e.jpg

Us just chilling on bed.

 photo CIMG9072_zps3f79e109.jpg

I really like sleepovers!

 photo CIMG9074_zps39b259ba.jpg

But this is the closest I'll ever get.

 photo CIMG9075_zps1d57b545.jpg

Better than nothing right?

 photo P1150458_zps8d1d5a43.jpg
Bareface!!!!!! :D
Karena looks cute without makeup lo!

 photo CIMG9077_zpsf1d4470f.jpg
&With no time to waste, the wonderwomanlunch team prepares lunch!
This apron came in just in time, didn't it?

 photo P1150460_zps3ae1a6e8.jpg

 photo P1150461_zpsf9aadba3.jpg

 photo P1150462_zpsbab50711.jpg

All of us refreshing up!

 photo P1150463_zpsc3bad0ec.jpg

 photo P1150466_zpsddc78f35.jpg

 photo P1150469_zps3adcbcac.jpg
End up creating A LOT of dishes!

Speaking of dishes, we wanted to play games to decide who does the dishes after every meal.
For breakfast, Jolene and Kesslyn were chosen.
And then.... That was the end of it because we couldn't agree on a common fairness.
So everyone chipped in to wash a bit here and there. :)

 photo P1150471_zps395d85d3.jpg

 photo P1150472_zps83157630.jpg
Lunch team that gave us an unforgettable lunch serving and plenty of dishes to clear. lol.
/watch video for lunch serving!/

 photo P1150473_zps8b5fb423.jpg
US PLAYING WII's 'Just Dance'

 photo P1150474_zpseab45873.jpg

 photo P1150475_zps49e24c0f.jpg

 photo P1150477_zps65349fcc.jpg
Check our Gary just bursting into laughter!
The fun of it is to actually dance!
Good exercise too!

 photo P1150478_zps2213cd07.jpg

 photo P1150479_zps0bddf9f5.jpg

 photo P1150481_zpsfef48033.jpg

Not long after, dinner preparation started. x,x

 photo P1150482_zpsce7ca470.jpg
The in-charge for the night.
Samuel was part of this team but....... he left.

 photo P1150483_zpsbd3df1c5.jpg

 photo P1150485_zps7e36f0cb.jpg
Us playing a few more games before going over to help these two!
Funniest when Soohou washed the roots of the mushroom that Weishan had cut off to throw! LOL.

 photo P1150488_zps85865810.jpg

 photo P1150489_zpsa0f2d8b2.jpg

 photo P1150490_zps0766727c.jpg

 photo P1150492_zps611680a3.jpg
Finally an unglam shot of Weishan. xD


 photo P1150493_zps9dd74019.jpg
To balance things out, my gorgeous spousey here. xD

 photo P1150494_zps93364a9f.jpg

 photo P1150498_zpscee04cbb.jpg
The food we couldn't finish! Boooooooooooooooooo.

 photo CIMG9104_zpsa1133ebe.jpg

 photo CIMG9107_zps2fecbc87.jpg
OH YA! You can spot Dickson here.

We invited our dear friends' partners. But, only Dickson could make it. :((
Would have been extra fun (&an extra stomach to finish our food) to have John over!
&Would have been really nice to have Adeline over to pull her into the clique!! hehe.

 photo P1150499_zps7d99ff4b.jpg

After dinner, we cleared up and rested.
I think this was the only time we lazed around with our phones.

 photo P1150500_zps65ee8835.jpg

I am super happy that we barely took out our phones (except Wong Soo Hou!) during the entire chalet this time. ^^

This Soohou damn ass..... He was the one who actually suggested to keep our phones in a box and to have "commercial" breaks in-between. In the end, most of us barely used it during the entire stay except him! I remember him hogging on to his throughout our heart-to-heart session ah! Tsktsk.

One of the reasons why this is the best celebration so far is because of this. No other distractions and full(almost) involvement together on something. It was nice to not have smaller groups doing small chats and their own activities during this chalet. ^^

 photo CIMG9111_zps55e34eb1.jpg

Last group shots before Lance, Kesslyn and Dickson left the chalet.
 photo CIMG9117_zpsf8650b74.jpg

 photo CIMG9119_zps1e79c9ec.jpg

 photo CIMG9121_zps804f69e3.jpg

 photo CIMG9121_zps804f69e3.jpg

The rest of us lazed a little bit more before Jolene suggest to go for some Red Ruby.

SERIOUSLY!!! This girl had so so so much Red Ruby, it's almost impossible!

Okay, I exaggerated.

But, really..... She probably had like...... 4 tubs of Red Ruby over the stay. Bought 3 the first time and 2 again. Of course, we all shared but I think she ate quite a bit.

I have to admit that it's nice though. :x

And so, we headed out to get some Red Ruby and chill at Changi Beach.

Except, we didn't really chill.

 photo 20131217_230457_zps7ecd6b72.jpg
Played the swings until a bunch of Teenagers arrive and corrupt the space with vulgarities.
We made fun of them by using CB at the end of our sentences too though. It was really funny and childish! Lol.

Then, we walked a long way before heading back to the car.

But, Gary Weishan Jolene and Soohou tried to ditch us there at the beach and raced back to the car before us. They even sent an image of them in the car with a "Guess where we are". Being smarty pants, Karena already predicted they would do that. She even guessed that they would run back to the car and indeed, they were so freaking loud - we could easily spot them!

This time, we didn't really want to go after them and go all crazy. lol Of course we knew, these awesome people would never abandon us!

So, Karena and I decide to disappear. Make them panic for pulling such prank. We hid at some area and ignored their calls.

Gary even whatsapp-ed us "Give you 20 seconds or I leave already".

(Sound totally like my Dad)

Probably went missing for about 15 minutes? And then we decide to stroll to the carpark until Karena spotted Gary and Weishan searching for us. She totally pulled me down and we started squat-walking. LOL. She even wanted me to run but I couldn't! My shoes was wrong and.......... my..........

We brisk walked to the car and acted like nothing happened asking how they could be faster than us and all. Both Karena and I had a really hard time suppressing our laughters! But I eventually gave the lie away because I can't lie and kept giggling. Zzz Seriously, what's wrong with me?!

Got back to the chalet, washed up, watched Beyonce's documentary, 'Life's is But a Dream' and ended the night in bed. :')

Next morning was the end of our awesome celebration. Checked out at 10am, had breakfast together, concluded that we should not do any more cooking in future and got a ride home. :'D
ps: Thank you very much, Gary for willingly chauffeur us around all the time!

 photo CIMG9136_zps59781893.jpg
Of course we need to take group shots before leaving!

 photo CIMG9139_zps6073c1a6.jpg

 photo CIMG9142_zps1c9050f9.jpg

 photo P1150501_zps6b103f19.jpg

 photo P1150502_zpsfe96977f.jpg

 photo CIMG9131_zps87cc06af.jpg

Sounds like the end of my entry?


Few more pictures too go!

Other than my usual favourite shots, I realize I took quite a few selfies this time.

So so so!!!!!!

Let me spam a bit. xD

And oh! Have I already mentioned how much I love my hair?!!!

Yes, I know I did.

 photo P1150350_zps3406daa0.jpg

 photo P1150317_zps7ce5872d.jpg  photo P1150320_zpsbe8840ee.jpg

 photo P1150455_zps48f98101.jpg  photo P1150454_zpsb9afd5f6.jpg

 photo P1150411_zps91d6b648.jpg

 photo P1150456_zpsf0bdf866.jpg  photo P1150465_zps1e9b5ed6.jpg

 photo P1150413_zps99508559.jpg

 photo CIMG1478_zps290c30c3.jpg
I also love my new pair of spectacles.

If you haven't check out our video, here's your last chance!

 photo CIMG1492_zps5716da35.jpg

 photo CIMG8640_zpsd0326339.jpg

 photo CIMG8669_zps51c175f4.jpg

 photo CIMG8674_zps53a539c7.jpg

 photo CIMG8678_zps68fe6b5e.jpg
Loving Karena's camera.
We look so nice here! :D

 photo P1150345_zpsf5cbea61.jpg

 photo P1150374_zps4d29d20f.jpg

 photo P1150399_zpsc56e689f.jpg

 photo CIMG9106_zpsbe1341e0.jpg

 photo P1150503_zps8182e22e.jpg

 photo CIMG9021_zps6f49221c.jpg
Only our 7th Christmas celebration so far but definitely our best!!! :3
Hopefully, we can top this celebration next year and go even crazier!! hee.

Thank you guys for being so awesome!
Thank you guys for standing by this friendship!

Thank you guys for still sharing the same frequency and still being a child at heart!
Thank you guys for giving my Christmas a special special meaning.
Let's continue to celebrate Christmas till we have kids and white hair! Xd

Love Love!

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