Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Treat In 11 Years! :D

Lol. I'm making this sound like a huge deal. But,,, it is! (To me that is.) Firstly, Haniza and I have passed a decade of friendship!! My mum actually bet we won't last~ And I bet I've mentioned that bet for a few times now. :x &Secondly, it's the first time she's treating me after eleven years!

Of course, it's a huge deal, yes yes?

Okay, maybe not.

I'm just really touched and happy that she suggested to give me a treat simply because she has the money to now. :')

Eleven years is not exactly very long but it's not at all short either. During the past few years, we barely met. Maybe just once or twice a year; four times tops. (I really enjoy her random visits though.) Despite the long absence, we're still relatively close; and for her to wanna treat me, it's a really touching gesture. ♥

Okay, cut the crap.

I've been really really easy lately. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to make decisions. Lol. But, I left the dinner place for her to choose.

She picked it well.

 photo P1150056_zps5b99a1b2.jpg
Poulèt, she chose you! xD
Checked up on the place and was really excited!
Poulèt - Amazing French Roast Chicken, here we go!

I haven't really been interested in taking food pictures. Surprisingly, Haniza wanted to take pictures of the food!!!! lol.

 photo P1150040_zps06e3ac3d.jpg
I really enjoyed the mushroom soup.
Too creamy to Haniza's liking though.

 photo P1150051_zpsfe38be63.jpg
The only time I've had Escargots are the ones onboard.
No comparisons but this was nice!

 photo P1150055_zps8a4aed79.jpg
Mash potato.
Not bad for me but totally not worth it for Haniza.
It tasted like baby food to her.

 photo P1150045_zps369cccf0.jpg
ps: The baguette in the picture cost $2! For 5 slices... ?!

 photo P1150041_zpsc1aace65.jpg

 photo P1150050_zps1e3067db.jpg

 photo P1150053_zpsfab0e46a.jpg

 photo P1150057_zpsf28f55ce.jpg

 photo P1150063_zps89de9c60.jpg

I still like the one I've had onboard Giovanni's though.
Second favourite of all the ones I've tried thus far.

 photo P1150068_zps331578ad.jpg
Sinful but totally worth it!

This time, it's also our first time taking many selfies.
I honestly don't remember we've ever camwhored this much.
Not very much la. But record breaking already! xD

 photo P1150071_zpse16910d4.jpg

 photo P1150073_zps93e0dbfb.jpg

 photo P1150082_zps0a53dbf3.jpg
Really bright Christmas tree in Vivo City.

 photo P1150080_zps13cf624a.jpg
Haniza is pretty pro in taking selfie leh. /embarrassed.

 photo P1150084_zps15b9e31e.jpg

 photo P1150086_zps10f0c74d.jpg

 photo P1150090_zps148db5ca.jpg

 photo P1150094_zps1ce7e5f6.jpg
Favourite shots of the night!

 photo P1150069_zpsde7f6e94.jpg

 photo P1150075_zpsdb6071c4.jpg

 photo P1150087_zps0ae13f4e.jpg

 photo P1150088_zpsb79d68d1.jpg

 photo P1150091_zps21f3ca19.jpg

 photo P1150070_zps45c60883.jpg

 photo P1150085_zps0d81c069.jpg

Though it was a rushy night, I've enjoyed the few hours together. ^^

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