Sunday, December 22, 2013

Crazy Christmas: Ting Tong Belles

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Crazy Christmas : Ting Tong Belles WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Crazier, funnier and even better than last year's!!

Would say I got a little bored last year with the unfamiliar Christmas Music and a little too much singing (probably why I didn't even blog about it!) but this year it was fantastic!

Happy that the DimSum Dollies are back!

So many many random references especially Korean stuffs.
'Girls Regeneration' was cute.
Lady Ba Ba, Beyoncewuse and Siao Gina(Supposedly Rihana) were hilarious!!!!

There was even SHINee's 'Ring Ding Dong'!!!!!!!!!
Super duper cute.
Pity my mum booked family friendly slots..........
No Kumar. T^T Else, it would have been perfect with his dirty jokes! xD

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One thing bad about the show from our seats, the lights were TOO GLARING!!!
For effects, they kept shining it at one point and we couldn't see a thing. :(((

Could have gone for a better seat but my mother beat us to buying the tickets! D:
It's okay though, because my sister and I shared to treat le parents with "Happy Ever Laughter" tickets. GOOD SEATS. bwahhahahahha.

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Though this is only our second year going for Crazy Christmas, I do hope it'll become some sort of family tradition for us.
Even if we don't celebrate Christmas, at least there'll be this show we'll all be looking forward to! :D

After the show, we headed down to ninethirty for tea break!

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Quiche was really nice.
Love the crepe cake!
Hei Icecream is still my favourite. ^^

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Bwahahahahha. Was super excited when we saw this. xD
There's Mark Lee this time. :O    :D    \O/

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