Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Christmas Eve :D

Other than the best Christmas Celebration and the BBQ Christmas I had last week, yesterday was a great Christmas eve with MCBI (yes, again!) and Shamyn!!!! ^^ Can't wait to wrap up this wonderful Christmas with friends from EC tonight. :3
And,,, here's how my Christmas eve went! :3

 photo P1150654_zps307d5820.jpg
Christmas with MCBI
Third consecutive year with these wonderful people. ^^
I kept telling people how I've only worked for 10 months but have celebrated 3 Christmas already. lol.
This is probably the last time with them already though. :')

 photo P1150100_zps886e39e4.jpg
The annual competition the company has.
This year, it's to decorate an assigned corner.
And this is Marketing + Accounts! Nice?
More shots because I really like it. ^^
ps: We won the first prize!!!

 photo P1150103_zps7ce8c822.jpg

 photo P1150101_zpsa58a411f.jpg
Check out the fireplace and the dwarf hiding inside for warmth!

 photo P1150104_zpsdf20c9fc.jpg

 photo P1150102_zpsc1295569.jpg
My favourite part of the decoration!
Because,,, I made the snowballs. LOL!

 photo P1150653_zps48073f1e.jpg

 photo CIMG0320_1_zpsd0b41d2d.jpg
Lucky lucky draw!
Grand prize was a.... MACBOOK AIR!!!!
But lucky me, I wasn't entitled to the lucky draw. >:(

 photo P1150668_zps55a3ffc9.jpg
Gifts gifts and more gifts!
It's always nice to have people give gifts during Christmas!
These colleagues always so sweet! Even as a temp staff, I'm given gifts! ♥

 photo 20131223_090303_zpsa5c142c1.jpg
All time favourite Christmas Card thanks to Meihua.

It was a day we did not have to work at all. Everyone arrived at the office with a mind to party party party!

 photo CIMG0238_zps812b3c58.jpg
My department had to wear pink -,- off all colors!
And the committee so dull, all black! PFFT. :p

 photo P1150641_zpsd8bc657b.jpg  photo P1150643_zps6e837e27.jpg

Many many selfies with Mei Hua.
The little girl who took over my position after Jensen.
Also a junior of the same Polytechnic (different course though lol).
Super bubbly (and loud) and really fun to be with! But, she's so negative! :x
Be happy and positive babe, you're blessed!

 photo P1150644_zps62d76c21.jpg  photo P1150645_zps8ea5f3bb.jpg

She's the kind of person who only takes picture when she has makeup on because of the different way she look.
Explains the lack of photos I have with her.
It was hilarious to know that our boss couldn't even recognise her when she gave him a muffin for Christmas in her nude face because the first time they met, she was all dolled up.

But seriously, they have been in the same office for so long leh.... Lol.

 photo P1150646_zpsa426b45c.jpg  photo P1150647_zpsc469bd38.jpg
Before the part started


After the party ended.
 photo 20131224_120848_zps91a53a7e.jpg  photo 20131224_120853_zps33eec7f2.jpg

 photo 20131224_120857_zps46b5da75.jpg  photo 20131224_120902_zps90289a48.jpg

 photo CIMG0239_zps7580663b.jpg

 photo CIMG0241_zps92d2342a.jpg  photo P1150648_zps78edc21c.jpg
Wei Yen Wei Yen!
She went to dye her hair in JB, half green half red. :O
So insane!!!!
But that wasn't her plan luh, so she end up covering the bright green and made it ash.

 photo CIMG0242_zpsdc0c7fe1.jpg

 photo CIMG0243_zps7a0a9537.jpg

 photo CIMG0245_zps9218b429.jpg

 photo CIMG0248_zpsea96cd55.jpg

 photo CIMG0249_zps77073ed6.jpg

 photo CIMG0250_zpscb5b32c5.jpg

 photo CIMG0251_zps194a8d9f.jpg

 photo CIMG0252_zpsccba7eae.jpg

 photo CIMG0253_zpsc9bf9636.jpg

 photo CIMG0260_zpse7e07c6d.jpg  photo CIMG0261_zps33f1412a.jpg
Kelly Kelly Kelly who has an injured eye that day. Booooooo.

 photo CIMG0264_zps89f44dcf.jpg  photo CIMG0265_zps33a516da.jpg
One of the faces I was really looking forward to see when I got back. ^^

 photo CIMG0266_zpsa9a025be.jpg  photo P1150649_zps35b967e1.jpg

 photo P1150650_zps1b5cf877.jpg  photo P1150667_zps2fa96b9b.jpg

 photo P1150652_zpsa7be6ef3.jpg

 photo P1150655_zpse7fb2e58.jpg  photo P1150656_zpsbb48b81f.jpg

 photo P1150657_zps805a2cdd.jpg  photo P1150658_zpsb2d2a1f0.jpg
Super cute and blurr Chloe.

 photo CIMG0267_zps58615c52.jpg
& after all the chilling around, the party started!!!!

 photo P1150659_zpsf78ecad6.jpg


 photo P1150660_zps6824ef80.jpg
The prettiest girl we had in the party!
Someone's niece.
She won this game, btw. She hid in our boss office amidst all the chaos and mess. LMAO.

 photo P1150662_zps348e84e9.jpg
Committees don't have to play. WHAT IS THIS!!!! >:(

 photo P1150663_zps817ea493.jpg

 photo CIMG0276_zps4b04ab00.jpg
I practically stood there to let people burst my balloons when Yellow or Pink was annouced.

 photo CIMG0293_zps361a6a06.jpg
Happy Weiyen is happy!

 photo CIMG0296_zps06873f6e.jpg
Spot me at the far back trying to protect another colleague as a wild man violently tries to burst her last balloon. Lol.
And my manager look so high with her last white balloon. LOL.

 photo CIMG0297_zps5e37f18a.jpg
It was pretty insane!
Running and screaming. Lol.

There were a few other games like doing a crossword puzzle (my team won this!!! and I got a $5 NTUC voucher) and some figure-this-out thingy. The committee even made use of the currently famous "Santa/Elf me up" thingy and had our managers and boss dance for us. Lol. It was pretty funny.

After all the games, we hung out with each other for a bit to take pictures.

 photo CIMG0318_zps02d70324.jpg  photo CIMG0319_zpsd3e4601c.jpg
Awkward hand is awkward.
It was damn awkward. Being in the company for three years now, I've never wanted to take a picture with my boss but the rest asked if I wanted a picture in front of him and I thought it's a bit weird to say no when everyone else enthusiastically wanted to. x,x

 photo P1150664_zpsd9364c0f.jpg
With my pink pink managers. ^^

Lunch was served a while later.


From Jack's Place, $30/pax. And the food were all good. At least one slice of medium size salmon for each of us! I LOVED IT!!! There was also this really nice blackpepper beef and and and this scallop! There was also tempura prawns (normal/common, I know). I'm feeling all hungry now just thinking about it. x,x

Meihua and I got called to do some work though. So we spent our free time packing books. Weeeeeeeeeeee.

Lucky draw was up next and then the usual Christmas carol before... HOME SWEET HOME!!!! Whoop!

Except, I didn't go home but went to town thereafter to meet Shamyn. hehehehheheh.

 photo P1150765_zps2345640b.jpg

It has been 40 weeks since our last meetup :O and yesterday's lunch date was finally made after many many postponed dates. Lol. Better late than never right? Moreover, we met on Christmas Eve!!!!!!! YAY!

We couldn't really decide on where to have lunch so we settled down at Wild Honey.
Have been to Wild Honey a few times now but yesterday was my first visit to the outlet at Scotts Square.

Friendlier staffs and we don't have to make orders on our own! \O/
Lazy people ftw. :x

The outlet was pretty crowded though.
So, we walked out to the open as Shamyn smoked and fill me in with her life for at least 30 minutes!
Just like the first conversation we have. Her constant rant.
But that's what I love about her! ♥

 photo P1150671_zpscc5e77bd.jpg

 photo P1150672_zpsd9bd41bd.jpg

 photo P1150673_zps70e00406.jpg  photo P1150674_zps310a7c93.jpg

 photo P1150678_zps6e7f7556.jpg
Love this shot. Like nice only. :x

 photo P1150681_zps86445b04.jpg

 photo P1150682_zpsc8a4f512.jpg

 photo P1150690_zps9952ead4.jpg

 photo P1150697_zpsfdc281b3.jpg

 photo P1150698_zpsacdde1ed.jpg

 photo P1150699_zpsab1c78ca.jpg

After lunch, we walked around for a bit.
But,, before all that,,, we camwhored quite a bit outside Takashimaya. HEHEHEHE.
Things I do with Shamyn. ♥

 photo P1150714_zpsd1fd1ae1.jpg  photo P1150715_zps1c4f8fa9.jpg

 photo P1150716_zpsad7cad34.jpg  photo P1150717_zps8842a491.jpg

 photo P1150733_zps30163edc.jpg
And she's the only one who would insist I take an #ootd picture.

 photo P1150741_zps1d1bf3a9.jpg

 photo P1150742_zps83fcd2c7.jpg

 photo P1150744_zps53fad673.jpg

 photo P1150745_zpsb345b0f9.jpg

 photo P1150746_zpsf429b2b7.jpg

 photo P1150748_zps1949f2f9.jpg
I am extremely glad to finally meet this prettyface.
I was really afraid we would end up like the many friendships I have; drift apart and become just acquaintances.

At least we were just focussing on our own lives for a bit before meeting to fill each other up about what we've missed for 10 months. LOL. I am also happy that she felt comfortable to share a lot with me. :')

 photo P1150749_zpsfff71d53.jpg  photo P1150750_zps34d89f1f.jpg

 photo P1150751_zps7b4e6263.jpg  photo P1150752_zpsb0ba5046.jpg

 photo P1150753_zps84e3aab2.jpg  photo P1150754_zps6f4e3ac0.jpg

 photo P1150755_zps8e9300a0.jpg

 photo P1150756_zps2d020ed2.jpg

 photo P1150757_zpsa4b0b1c1.jpg

 photo P1150760_zps96300b41.jpg

 photo P1150762_zps16e4f4c3.jpg

 photo P1150763_zpscd3421f8.jpg

 photo P1150764_zps367686e8.jpg

 photo P1150766_zps173e8548.jpg

 photo P1150767_zpsbed05b4d.jpg

 photo P1150769_zpsa8a1024b.jpg

 photo P1150770_zps74935228.jpg

 photo P1150743_zps62195f0b.jpg

 photo P1150747_zps0cc1d6cc.jpg

 photo P1150768_zpsa8efcafc.jpg

 photo P1150737_zps0ad44e98.jpg
&That was my eve. ^^


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