Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas BBQ Celebration~

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Christmas with these peopleeeeeeee tonight! :D

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@Emily's place.....

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for BBQ!!! :D

Was kindda looking forward to tonight because it's been a while since I've BBQ-ed!! And Christmas celebrations are always something to look forward to~~~ Especially gift exchange. TEEHEE.

But as expected, I was quite zombie-fied because I only slept at 5am this morning and woke up pretty early to spend the day with the family. Nevertheless, I had fun with these people having BBQ for dinner and exchanging gifts! HEHEHE.

Woke up early today because the family wanted to bring Sugar for her regular swim and shopping at Haw Par Villa's U-Petgamart! Lucky Sugar, there was practically no one dogs swimming today. No dogs to bump into her and stuff. It also drizzled; so we only let her swim for six laps. She was probably relieved and happy though..... Lol.

Afterwhich, Sugar went crazy running, peeing and pooing in the mart. Tsktsk. We were as entertained because there was this freaking cute bulldog that loves people patting it's butt!!!! It came to me "asking" to be pet and then when I did and stopped, it would bow to me asking for me. FREAKING CUTE I CANNOT TAHAN!!!! I WANT A BULLDOG OR A PUG TOO!!!!!

Videos to share the cuteness. HEHEHE.

Later, we brought her to Vivo City for a bath. Seems like she likes it there more than NEX. Had lunch with parents before Ryan and Syuhada drove by to pick me. So so so, we grocery shopped and headed down to Emily's place.

It's the nth time I've been to Emily's Condominium but I haven't been to her place yet. x,x And I still haven't. Tssssssssssssssk.

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Ryan setting the fire.
Kindda failed though. :x
The fire was just really small and couldn't cook much for a really really long time!
Lucky Rachel called her boyfriend, Terrence, to take over at......... 9pm?! Lol.

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Marinating the sotong as Ryan continues to set the fire. Lol.

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Love the chicken wings. :3

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Highlight of our BBQ.
BUT!!! We didn't manage to eat much because the fire was too small. x,x
Lucky me though, because Terrence came to cook them all and I could bring home 4 of these for the family. HEHE.
My sister is now in love with it and requested to have these for her 21st birthday. LMAO.

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Syuhada and her funny expression.

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I was in the mood to cook because it's been a reaaaaally long time since my last BBQ. HEHE.

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 photo P1150565_zps2ab5fad5.jpg  photo P1150569_zpsf74d0803.jpg

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After Rachel's boyfriend came to rescue our BBQ, we did our gift exchange!!!!!

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Presents presents presents!!!

There would have been a lot more if Ryan wasn't confused (he only got us cards and one gift!!!!) and Sheryl didn't forget her gifts. These peopleeeeeeee so spoil mood!!!! Lol.
So yeah, someone came up with the idea of getting gifts for everyone present.

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Including Samuel's from clique's celebration. HEHE.

Lucky I told Emily what I wanted or I might have gotten the same shampoo set from Precious Thoughts. hahahaha.

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Syuhada got me two lip colors.
This is one of them. O,O
Never thought I'll own a Red Ruby color because it looks so so so awkward on me!
But everyone said it's okay as long as I dress appropriately. LOL.
Would start using lipsticks from now on. KEKE.

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Groupshots before going homeeeee! :D
Ah, Ryan left early. :(

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Ending this entry with the shiok bulldog. HEH.

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