Thursday, November 14, 2013

USS Again Again!! xD

 photo CIMG9156_zps994ebaa1.jpg
Our third time to USS and this is our first picture with the globe. XD

Yesterday was a really fun Wednesday with my girlfriends (&John and Jon)!!! ♥

In order to make full use of our season pass, we headed down to USS again. Yes, it is our third visit this year. &Because it was already our third time to the theme park, we didn't bother to meet up early anymore. lol. Instead, we gathered an hour before 12pm and had our brunch at Vivo City's Subway before riding the bus down to the park.

A pity for the other girls, the most thrilling ride of the park is still closed. :( But theme parks are always fun! Even more enjoyable when there isn't much crowd! We didn't need to queue much for any of the rides and we were able to take pictures with a lot of mascots this time! Super happy. ^^

We went in late, left midway for some snacks, went back in to the park and then left USS for good in the evening. Probably spent less than 6 hours in USS this time but it was still fun! :3

Okay, a picture post. :)

 photo CIMG9173_zps12b3dbe2.jpg

 photo CIMG9154_zps1e268cca.jpg

 photo CIMG9155_zpsc9835a1c.jpg

 photo CIMG9158_zpsbcf93b8f.jpg

 photo CIMG9146_zpscd0b3d43.jpg

Karena bought a new camera and it has this really awesome beautifying function that makes photoshop now so easy!
Of course, it's not as if I photoshop any of my pictures uh. The camera just make every single shot pretty! :D
So, every single picture here is raw from her camera.
ps: Also because I'm too lazy to do editing. :x

 photo CIMG9147_zpse6af06d8.jpg

 photo CIMG9160_zps46e82777.jpg

 photo CIMG9163_zpsfedb2dda.jpg
Everyone can haz flawless skin! xD

 photo CIMG9164_zps58bc7fcd.jpg

 photo CIMG9168_zps14799d89.jpg

 photo CIMG9174_zpsffeb333d.jpg
Ah! Jon, the girls' Poly classmates.
Got him to join because.... the more the merrier!!!!!
Just in case anyone is curious. :)

 photo CIMG9176_zps643c8862.jpg

 photo CIMG9188_zps6379ef85.jpg

 photo CIMG9189_zps5de7fa99.jpg

 photo CIMG9190_zps7ba6e058.jpg

 photo CIMG9191_zps2925af57.jpg

 photo CIMG9195_zps1bdf5cc6.jpg

 photo CIMG9196_zps6687f940.jpg

 photo CIMG9197_zpseff16280.jpg

 photo CIMG9205_zps87226fd8.jpg
Someone asked me what I would do if they suddenly come down again (like they did to others), I said I'll hit them.
But, we were taking pictures and I couldn't react in time. Lol.

 photo CIMG9206_zps2b496775.jpg
Colorful ponchos!!!! :D

 photo CIMG9207_zps0e75aa42.jpg

 photo CIMG9209_zps221009d1.jpg

 photo CIMG9210_zps7c9ee083.jpg

 photo CIMG9211_zpsa5257eea.jpg

 photo CIMG9212_zpsa20d85d8.jpg

 photo CIMG9214_zps251604bd.jpg

 photo 20131113_132743_zps02ef3d1e.jpg

 photo 20131113_132916_zpsd660199d.jpg

 photo 20131113_132924_zps5593050f.jpg

 photo 20131113_133042_zps005fd347.jpg

 photo 20131113_133045_zps171e5851.jpg

 photo CIMG9223_zps0699c448.jpg

We were alllllllll ready to get wet.
But lucky me. I was still drenched. Zz
So drenched that it looks as if I just bathed. Z

 photo CIMG9224_zps68e808bc.jpg

 photo CIMG9225_zpsa2ef5e1c.jpg
Check out my super wet top. :(

 photo CIMG9226_zpsa995a678.jpg

 photo CIMG9230_zps886694db.jpg

 photo CIMG9231_zps4aac06fb.jpg

 photo CIMG9248_zps7e35423c.jpg

 photo CIMG9249_zps82993359.jpg

 photo CIMG9273_zpscd3816dc.jpg
The last time we went, we kept missing the time he appears it was almost frustrating!

 photo CIMG9284_zpsc9f97454.jpg
As mentioned, we manage to take pictures with a lot of mascots. But, they are in my "favourite pictures of the day" except this.

 photo P1140278_zpsf78a4667.jpg

 photo P1140277_zpsde746cdf.jpg

 photo P1140276_zpsc074b01a.jpg

 photo P1140275_zps4c695d45.jpg
Also manage to meet up with Christina. ♥
Can't wait to meet up with them again! :D

 photo CIMG9208_zps7c0a6281.jpg
Okay, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Favourite pictures. ^^

 photo CIMG9150_zps30668593.jpg

 photo CIMG9161_zps0d25e91f.jpg

 photo CIMG9194_zps278b0e74.jpg

 photo CIMG9213_zps570b8bde.jpg

 photo CIMG9250_zpsfb89a912.jpg

 photo 20131113_132739_zps3d815ff5.jpg

 photo CIMG9203_zps57f4826e.jpg

 photo CIMG9281_zps68cd7fde.jpg

 photo CIMG9283_zpsb6fb08e7.jpg

 photo CIMG9289_zps747cdb01.jpg

 photo CIMG9290_zps5fee0643.jpg

 photo CIMG9293_zps16f30ca3.jpg

 photo CIMG9286_zps8f4ea6c1.jpg

 photo CIMG9271_zpsbbfc2ea9.jpg

 photo CIMG9162_zps58e89b39.jpg

 photo CIMG9272_zpsc7a7e812.jpg
Kungfu Panda's new team! Lol.

 photo CIMG9229_zpsd7821df1.jpg

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