Monday, November 18, 2013

We're Going On A Bear Hunt...........

Actually, no. Lol. It's just this really random song Gary started singing in the middle of nowhere, making us curious and partially hooked.. Unknowingly found ourselves humming the song that night. x,x It is a kids song that has kiddy dance and actions.

Search YouTube for the video~

But I advice not to.

It's funny and lame but really quite catchy. LOL!

Met up with my happypills on Saturday evening after a good long day with the parents. :) It was a rather.... impromptu meetup because our dear Soohou was flying off again. Had dinner at Compass Point's MOS Burger and drove down to some really far place for Soohou to pass Zhou Chong Qing something. Just nice when we arrive, they were done filming. But it was still quite cool to see the things. lol.

We spent the next half hour trying to decide where to go since we still had a long time before Soohou had to report to the airport.

We end up choosing to chill at the airport though.

 photo Photo16-11-13102059PM_zps3d4afcaa.jpg
Living up to our reputation to be the type who takes photos with decorations and stuff. xD

 photo Photo16-11-13102101PM_zps92aaa05e.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102111PM_zps7130b138.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102136PM_zpse238c76f.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102716PM_zpsc682e1ec.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102720PM_zpse7f6730a.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102724PM_zps9edbc0c0.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102728PM_zps7332dd53.jpg
Pity I didn't look into the camera. :(
Stupid flipup camera screen! lol.

 photo Photo16-11-13102745PM_zps1fbc15f7.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102811PM_zps0b242ee9.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102839PM_zps8b76f201.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13103122PM_zpsf31688ae.jpg
Kiddy pingpong with the lost soul Gary. Lol.

As usual, we had a lot of fun even though there were just 6 of us.

We chilled a little at Dunkin' Doughnuts. Soohou bought half a dozen of doughnuts but we were so freaking full from dinner, we end up having a crazy time playing random games to clear the doughnuts with a "one bite" forfeit. LOL. It was so much fun! I remember having a little tummyache from all the laughing. hahaha. ♥

 photo Photo16-11-13103203PM_zps1050638c.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113436PM_zps502dc4d9.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113444PM_zps7d89a834.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113448PM_zps78acf13b.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113452PM_zpsb92f5382.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113526PM_zps353ec679.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113522PM_zps055d4498.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113603PM_zpsf51242ef.jpg

Yesterday was another good Sunday.

Went out with the family to the temple and headed down to Chinatown for some shopping. Found this shop that sells really cheap everyday necessities! Felt like an aunty when I grabbed packs of sani......... :x But hey~ They were almost halved the price!

&&&I also end up getting a new pair of spectacles. HEHEHE.

But........... I wasn't as thrilled when I did the eye checks. :/

The shop provided pretty good service. On top of their wide variety of spectacle selections, they also did a rather thorough eye check.

It was discovered that I have really high eye air-pressure and might be down with some eye disease over time. Sigh... My eyes are such problematic parts of my body.

My heart sunk when the lady told me about it.

Worse when I was told there's no clear cause for it and there's no way I can prevent it. Like...... WHUUUUT?!! >< The only thing I can do now is to have it monitored and if I really am down with the disease, I would be given an eye drop that'll become a daily routine for life.

For life...

I'll just cry my eyes off my face.

Sigh... For now, I'm not going to be too bothered by it since she said everything else is fine. I think it's just my eyes being sensitive because I slept really late the night before (Yes, it must be!).

I'll also be grateful for being able to see. Since... I'm lucky to have at least one working eye.

OH OH! And I must mention! It was a great deal that my mother knows the boss of the shop! We received bloody good discounts! I chose a ray ban and was given a 40% discount off the bill!! End up paying a hundred lesser than the spectacle cost like........ WTH!!!

Okay. Abrupt end with my favourite pictures! :D

 photo Photo16-11-13113529PM_zpsa84c6f64.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13113430PM_zpse5195e4e.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102732PM_zps93b96494.jpg

 photo Photo16-11-13102709PM_zpsc1a4b067.jpg
hehehe. I think I look cute here. :x

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