Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 Hours Cycling & Lola Cafe

Was too late and too tired to update yesterday and didn't have enough time in the morning today. So.................. Here's my yesterday and today!! ^^

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Finally finally gathered to cycle yesterday!!

I've been telling the girls to do it together since last year~~ But we've never managed to do it. Not even yesterday. Lmao. We were supposed to........... Weishan and Jolene just end up not joining us.

So there we were, enjoying the beautiful scene along Punggol Park Connector(?), just the four of us.

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I was afraid I might be too slow for them; warned them about my bad stamina.
Turns out, I lasted quite long and could ride pretty fast. HEHE.

 photo CIMG9547_zps26fd3f02.jpg
After about.... 1.5km?

 photo CIMG9559_zps68e68c4b.jpg

 photo CIMG9571_zps9690ee4b.jpg
At another point...

 photo CIMG9576_zpsee5ca756.jpg
Didn't look like it was a place in Singapore. More like some scenic place you would see in foreign films. It was really pretty!

The weather was also very very sunny and hot! :O

 photo CIMG9589_zps85980199.jpg

 photo CIMG9590_zpsc44b3fe2.jpg
After this shot, we rode through this extremely long rocky trail. I HATE IT. My butt hurts so freaking bad because of that bumpy path. :'( Karena couldn't take it too. Just before we reach Punggol End, she had to stop because she felt a little faint. This silly girl was so smart, cycling with an empty stomach. Lol.

 photo CIMG9600_zpse13472f6.jpg
It's not obvious here but my face was extremely red. Blood rush from the long ride. xD

 photo CIMG9601_zpse8da3e14.jpg

 photo CIMG9602_zps6f3347bf.jpg

 photo CIMG9603_zps5cf3720a.jpg

 photo CIMG9605_zps77d83f3e.jpg
It was bloody tiring. x,x

 photo CIMG9610_zpsfd405d7c.jpg
But YAY, free icecream to fuel up for our trip back! :D

 photo IMG-20131120-WA0004_zpsda543066.jpg

 photo IMG-20131120-WA0002_zps14fa7acc.jpg

 photo CIMG9609_zps7a465ed9.jpg

The entire cycling experience in Punggol took us 2 hours and 10 minutes including the short rest time at Punggol End. The journey was roughly about 4km. :O And we burned about 1700calories. HAHHAHAHAHAH.

We quickly came back to Punggol Park to return our bikes (WTH! $8/hour/bike So freaking expensive!!!!) and met up with Weishan and Yanling for dinner. It was nice! Pretty rare for us to dine in coffee shops. Each of us ordered Chicken Chop and shared a large plate of Rojak. Food always taste better after a great workout! HEHE. Except for Weishan and Yanling (It was just sinful for them. bwahahhahha.)

After dinner, I guess we didn't wanna head back so soon, we took a bus down to Rivervale Mall because Yanling wanted to get some bags for the chocolates she was making for her Uni classmates. Also, Gary rode back home to pick his car so he could drive us to some dessert place. HEHEHEHEHEHE.

 photo 20131120_215716_zpsb81cc50c.jpg

Desserts for the night.

 photo 20131120_215954_zps75946d08.jpg
Waffles and Brownie with four scoops of icecream.
Our nearly two thousand burnt calories were eaten back pretty quickly. lol.

Had a good time together with them and Samuel before ending the night with a good bath. KEK.

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Today, I reluctantly got up from my bed with aches all over, and a butt in great pain (lol) to meet up with Weishan for a goooooooooooooood brunch. HEHE. Another place off our list! :3

Lola Cafe.

A really cosy and nice place. Plus plus point for it being just 10 minutes bus ride away from my place. HEHE.

 photo 20131121_112238_zps7be28370.jpg

Just the both of us so we ordered two brunch items AND GOT TOO BLOATED. TSSSSK.
Could have just ordered one and order their desserts, right? Didn't think about it.

But their breakfast were pretty good.
Really like their eggs benedict!
It wasn't expensive too.

 photo 20131121_112508_zpsaba86489.jpg

 photo 20131121_123138_zps11b157a8.jpg

After brunch, we went to the nearby coffee shop to have a drink and chat up a little more.

The weather was unforgiving. x,x

After another half hour or so, we separated and went home.

No idea why but this is the second time I've met up with Weishan for a meal and get home wanting to walk Sugar. LOL. So I did~

 photo 20131121_135622_zpsbce7392c.jpg

 photo 20131121_140642_zpsf91d6f9e.jpg

This bitch never allow me to take picture of her one!!!!! HMPF. :'(

 photo 20131121_140652_zps1fd318fb.jpg

 photo 20131121_140716_zps4a4fba5c.jpg

 photo 20131121_135412_zps97614f3c.jpg
Super windy so she just sat around for about 30minutes. x,x

 photo 20131121_140820_zps5a921a3a.jpg
Grumpy dog!

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&That's how my Wednesday and Thursday went with my bestfriends. ♥

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