Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Tai Tai #TGIF!! :3

 photo CIMG9628_zpsd726262a.jpg
It was a "taitai" tgif today! xD

Met up with Karena this evening for some facial and supposedly some Christmas gift shopping. In the end, we didn't do shopping for our Christmas gifts at all! :x But I'm happy because we had some good food, satisfied her cravings and I bought a skirt! Bwahahhaha. I'm looking for shorts though~ lol.

It was a really really impromptu appointment. My mother was suppose to go for it but had a plan change and asked if I would like to go on her behalf with a plus one. Coincidentally, Karena talked about wanting to go for facial when we went cycling on Wednesday! So tadaaah!

Anywayz, all our pictures were taken AFTER facial. :O Seriously, this new camera Karena has is so so so freaking good!!! My face is usually super red and raw after a facial session but you don't see it in these pictures!!!! Heh.

 photo CIMG9629_zps97573364.jpg

 photo CIMG9630_zpsdf7699b2.jpg

 photo CIMG9631_zps6f95fa4f.jpg

 photo CIMG9632_zps6c9d3c17.jpg

 photo CIMG9633_zps52d0018a.jpg

 photo CIMG9646_zpseab9f6eb.jpg
Finally tried 4fingers.
Pretty good!

 photo CIMG9657_zps2640be5f.jpg
For Karena's second craving.

 photo CIMG9672_zpsac6e6e1c.jpg

 photo CIMG9627_zps41c7408c.jpg
A nice night out with pretty Karena!
Would have been perfect with Weishan and Jolene though. ♥

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