Monday, November 11, 2013

What I've Been Up To.

Hello! ^^

I've been spending my time pretty wisely lately; other than the occasional meetup with friends and the every day mundane household chores, I've been occupying myself with books! :D It's a little difficult to believe that I'm reading for leisure these days. Emily even told me "I didn't know you read," when I update her with what I've been up to. lol.

I didn't know I read too. xD

Today, I had a really nice afternoon out with Weishan for brunch! We have a short list of places we want to go after exams and the plan for today was to go for Sakae's Teppanyaki at Tampines 1. Sadly, they have changed their menu and no longer serve beef. :(

Weishan told me it's really good.

We end up settling for a really substandard (she said if Sakae's is 10/10, the place I brought her would fair at 2/10) teppanyaki at Tampines Mall.

It was still a nice time though. Since the last time we hung out was more than a week ago. LOL!!!!

We had Awfully Chocolate's Hei Icecream for desserts and was stuffed. x,x

 photo 20131111_124348_zpse054ee34.jpg

 photo 20131111_124358_zps7883648b.jpg

 photo 20131111_124455_zps2b950212.jpg
Lol. I know it's quite gross.
Especially when it clearly looks like one lump.
Because it is icecream, it was very very cold for the teeth!

 photo 20131111_124519_zps5d6f4849.jpg

 photo 20131111_124557_zpsae0f74b7.jpg

 photo 20131111_124624_zps0b8563de.jpg

 photo 20131111_124640_zps956bf940.jpg

 photo 20131111_124648_zps05a09f5e.jpg

 photo 20131111_123508_zpsf2464fec.jpg

Bused home after brunch and was in the mood to walk Sugar. Also to stop myself from just lazing around after the heavy brunch. End up walking that little dog for an hour. x,x I was in the mood to just roam around so I didn't walk her and let her lead the way instead. It's nice to waste time like that sometimes. LOL. Came back home feeling nice and helped my sister to bathe Sugar too. Great bonding session with the dog who doesn't like me. LOL.

 photo 2013-11-07-23-25-31_deco_zps281d60b3.jpg
Krispy Kreme!!!!
Finally caught the hype for these doughnuts thanks to pretty Jolene!!! :D
Always awesome to have girlfriends. ^^

I like it.
But I don't like it to the extent of queueing for it. :)

 photo P1140266_zps3b82cb6c.jpg
If only this cake was for me ah... lol. So last year.

Anyway, this is from last Friday! Met up with my University classmates and had a good dinner before giving this Jasmine a surprise. We missed her 21st party to study for our exams and so we gave her a mini surprise to make up for it. :D

 photo P1140265_zpsd541e7b6.jpg

 photo P1140269_zps3cfb5399.jpg

 photo P1140270_zps8d3764a3.jpg

 photo P1140271_zps5344a15b.jpg

 photo P1140272_zps6e421e3c.jpg

 photo P1140273_zps4acb42dd.jpg
ps: I can't wait to go USS again on Wednesday! xD

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