Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Dinner I Was Late For.

So................... Yesterday was a really long day but it was good!

Spent my morning rushing to complete all my work before baking my entire afternoon away and then going for a really nice dinner with some ex-colleagues. ^^

 photo IMG_20131106_104851_zps42b418b1.jpg
I've been having this baking desire all over again. ><
Kindda therapeutic...

Gave a lot to ex-colleagues. hehe.

 photo 2013-11-05-18-33-59_photo_zps7c68993c.jpg
Colors hidden beneath! ^^
Though coloring isn't very healthy, I love love love making rainbow cupcakes because the colors make ME happy. xD

 photo IMG-20131106-WA0002_zps51150eea.jpg
Mine are always pastel though, so it's usually just one or two drops of coloring.
Hardly unhealthy. xD

I didn't have many leftovers so these cupcake pictures are sent by my ex-colleagues. hehe.
I'm happy they liked it.

 photo IMG-20131106-WA0001_zps28e2b16c.jpg
Looking at these makes me wanna bake all over again!!!! :S

Okay~ So it was raining really really goddamn heavy when I was almost done with the cupcakes. >< It was so so heavy that I could barely see the trees outside. No exaggeration. There were many many thunders too. Almost couldn't leave my house because my mother kept saying how dangerous it would be. Zz In the end, I waited for about an hour before finally leaving my house.

By the time I reached the place we agreed to meet at, they were beyond done with dinner and I had to miss dinner. :( But it was good because we travelled down to The Factory and had desserts. HEHE. Desserts are always always better. HEHE.

Okay, picture spam because I'm lazy already. :x

 photo P1140250_zps4bfe0b4d.jpg

 photo P1140257_zps7d47a482.jpg

 photo P1140258_zpsebe1109a.jpg

 photo P1140259_zps16bb56c4.jpg

 photo P1140260_zpsca8e9055.jpg

 photo P1140261_zps38848256.jpg

 photo P1140262_zps52709e42.jpg

 photo P1140263_zps1dd5e3b7.jpg

 photo P1140264_zpsfef335d1.jpg
hehhe. I pulled Kelly's hair. xD

 photo CIMG0266_zps322042e3.jpg

 photo CIMG0269_zps951ef86d.jpg

 photo CIMG0270_zpsf85ffedb.jpg

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