Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Last Day of School...

Today's the last day of school.

Plenty of mixed feelings.

But the past one year and a half has been good. :) Especially since I have my awesome Weishan with me through everything during this phase. ^^

Right now, all I want is to focus on studying and do well for my exams.

I'm leaving the next phase of my life for future Jasmine to worry then. hehe.

Anywayz, exams are in another 10 days time but I wasn't exactly pumpedup to study. Instead, I was very tempted to clear my thoughts through some baking. LOL. It wasn't exactly baking though. :x Just mixing and combining ingredients before putting them to chill and harden. Still a lot of hard work okay!

 photo 20131009_230758_zps9692446e.jpg

 photo 20131009_230806_zpsa686b407.jpg

Glad I did it yesterday though. At least my thoughts are cleared and I won't keep bugging myself to bake something during my study break. :3 And it was gooooooooooood! HEHE. I ate about 3 for myself. But I skipped breakfast and didn't eat much for lunch so I guess it's okay to cheat. :x

The most surprising thing I got from baking yesterday is my mothers' praise about it! :O :D So she asked me to do it again today. Lol.

 photo 20131010_132031_zpsa45b9127.jpg

How can we end school term without a group shot right?
There were supposedly 6 of us. But because of the different timetables, there's only the three of us now. :'(

 photo 20131010_132044_zps5e6d81c1.jpg

 photo 20131010_132142_zps1a59bb51.jpg

Class ended really early again so Weishan and I went off to get some ingredients for the cake. Our initial plan was to head out for some good food but Gary drove us to school and suggested to have porridge for breakfast. :( End up being too full for our lunch plans!!!!! >:( It was good though, to have a free ride to school. Save time and bus fare. HEHE.

Okay and now, I'm ending this entry with a few more random pictures!!!!

 photo 20131011_075707_zpscb31093f.jpg
So much prettier today. HEHEHE.
But sadly it didn't taste as good. T^T

 photo IMG-20131011-WA0000_zpseff8fa3a.jpg
YAY!!! Finally got the sky blue Wii controller!!!! ^^
Now, we have four controllers of different colors. HEHE.
But I think this controller is not the original one. :( Because the back feels exceptionally rough.

 photo IMG-20131008-WA0024_zps6d06b61a.jpg
From yesterday.
Okay, bye! HEHE.

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