Friday, October 11, 2013

A Good Night Out! :D

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It was our monthly meetup and my last nightout before exams in a week's time. ><
Had a nice dinner at Nana's Green Tea and a really good time shopping around! ^^

We were suppose to go for Dean & Deluca's red velvet cake though. :((
This poor girl had a bad afternoon and needed some good food therapy to feel better.

In the end, she went home with a huge hole in her wallet instead!
But I bet all the shopping made her feel better too. lol.

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While waiting for her to finish changing!

 photo 20131011_203312_zps04bbe0d4.jpg  photo 20131011_203307_zpsc6efe342.jpg
Nice hair day. xD

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Goodnight! ♥

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