Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi. Gotta be up in 4hours for a really looong Monday but I'm still awake because it's the 8th day of the Lunar New Year and we have to do the annual prayers.......................................

I hope I won't doze off in class tomorrow. T^T

Anyhow, I'm glad the week was well spent with the family and some friends! ^^ Met up with Yaping Weishan Lance and Gary the past two nights! Chilled at Lance's place till real late with the girls on Friday and then a long supper date with Gary and the girls again on Saturday.......

Always love hanging out with these favourite people. kekeke.

Okay! I can sleep now. YAYness

Here's just a few pictures taken over the days!

 photo 20130215_141502_zps719583c2.jpg
Sis and I went KBox on Friday and sang our hearts out for 4 hours!
It was still expensive though ~~ Didn't know KBox uses CNY charges 8 days. Z
Night was spent in Lance's entertainment room.

Had a really good chat with the three of them about many many very random things; almost from A ~ Z! :) So going to his place for some singing soon! Would say his Karaoke system is more updated than KBox! :O Lol.

&After seeing all the family portraits his family took, I ALSO WANT!!!! ><
 photo IMG-20130217-WA0003_zpsda4e4d37.jpg
Saturday night! :3
Had 4 rounds of supper; Ice Cream, Prata (only Yaping and Gary!), Soyabean Milk and French Fries!!! Yes, we were a bit crazy. lol.

 photo 20130216_234621_zps6370332a.jpg

 photo 20130216_234705_zpsa6237a65.jpg

 photo 20130216_234726_zps2ebbcc39.jpg

 photo 20130216_234816_zps690a1563.jpg

 photo 20130217_005802_zps9e19d271.jpg
How Weishan would look if her eyes were small. Hahahaha.

 photo IMG-20130217-WA0000_zpsa0dc45c9.jpg

 photo IMG-20130217-WA0004_zps6364a703.jpg
This Chong Yapingggg! >:(

 photo IMG-20130217-WA0001_zpsdd09cf99.jpg

 photo IMG-20130217-WA0002_zps85db054c.jpg

Parents going to be out of town and in Thailand for the week....... JEALOUS MUCH MAN. But I'm somewhat glad that it's going to be a nag-less week. lolol!


Okay. I'm gonna play dead for the next few hours.

 photo 20130217_163402_zps09020735.jpg
Goodnight from me and my new pillow. hehe.