Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woo hoo hoo~ :3

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Heeeeeeeeey~ :3
Feeling this random urge to update my blog today... But mostly because I'm just bored of schoolwork. :x hehe.

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Had steamboat dinner with Simin, Christina and Huanqing on Monday!

It was one hell of a long busy Monday! Early morning class, grocery shopped after school, prepared for dinner, had dinner and then cleaned up! But I feel proud to have prepared 95% of the food on the table ^ all by myself though. hehehe.

I think I can get married already. lol!

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The sacrifice for a good photo. xD

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Double hearts!

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It was a good dinner. :)

So......... My parents are in Thailand right now, enjoying the air pollution xD and good Thai food :( I'm mad jealous but I'm also glad I didn't go.. Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. I'm gonna miss these assignment rush man. :/

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Random picture of my braekfast, lunch and dinner yesterday.
So happy mother prepared it before flying. heheh.

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Looking at it now makes me feel so hungry. :(
Haven't had lunch and I can't wait to see my sister for dinner at Marche!!!!!!! :3

Okay okay. I'm gonna leave here in



After some camwhore shots I took today. hehehhe.

Have a great Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday y'all! :3

ps: I'm missing my parents but I'm feeling quite bumped that they're coming home soon. lol.

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Sugar looks like she has tears in her eyes... :( I think she misses mummy too.....

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So happy, my colors are getting more obvious. kek.

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ps: GIFs not mine!