Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday; Surprising our Parents! ♥

So, here's a quick pictorial update on my Friday before I go on and blog about my Sunday and then head back to writing my Essay and hopefully research on my Project! lol.

 photo P1100666_zpsdbb9ee33.jpg
Friday night, we headed out to meet up with favourite childhood friends and surprise our parents at the airport!
They are finally back from their 5-days Thailand trip!
ps: I'm still jealous!

 photo 2013-02-22-23-29-04_deco_zpsd134a67d.jpg

 photo P1100651_zps93ca43db.jpg
Yes! My colors coming out. xD
So is the whites though tsk.

 photo P1100652_zpse15b5b96.jpg

 photo IMG-20130222-WA0008_zps56f662a3.jpg

 photo IMG-20130222-WA0007_zps5dfcb59c.jpg

 photo IMG-20130222-WA0006_zps561238bd.jpg

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 photo P1100659_zps894ef2f0.jpg

 photo P1100661_zps7c2e1537.jpg

 photo P1100662_zpsdd59347b.jpg
Like paparazzis stalking people. xD

 photo P1100663_zps22d42eca.jpg

 photo 2013-02-22-14-27-16_deco_zps48ba50c7.jpg
&Here's a random picture of what I did in the afternoon.
NAILS!!!!! :)

 photo IMG-20130222-WA0005_zpsf0d29bc3.jpg
Okay, good bye! HEHZ.