Sunday, February 24, 2013

The 15th Day!! ♥

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Today's the 15th day of the Lunar New Year...

It's Lantern Festival (first full moon of the new year) and some people would be celebrating this day with sweet rice balls!! &While many others enjoy this tradition, the 15th of the Lunar New Year has another meaning for my family. :)

My Lunar Birthday! ^^

So happen that it's merely 5 days away from my "actual" birthday.. Coolz. I wonder when will these calendars collide again!!

Anywayz, it was a simple yet really lovely Sunday.

Woke up after a night of essay writing for breakfast before we proceeded to my mothers' surprise for me! They insisted that I have blindfolds throughout the journey. :O I kept whining and trying my best to peep and guess. lol. Turns out, the family went to the Zoo!!! HEHEHE.

I was smiling from ear to ear when I finally take off the blindfold! Lol.

Kiddy hor. I'm 22 but still young at heart okay! ;)

Must be wondering why my mum chose the Zoo as my surprise, right?

She had this idea because I'd wanted to visit the Zoo together with the family.. Isn't it a nice family thing to do? Lol. Even though I've been there just two years ago............ I believe every experience differs with different people!

It was!

ps: Best Zoo trip was with my favourite people!

Though it wasn't really a full visit (we were there for less than 4 hours!!! very waste my mothers' money leh! but~), the short trip was still very fun! I think the last time we went as a family was........... at least 15 years back!

We're all so grown up/old now..... :( lol.

Anyhow! I'm glad I brought my camera with zoom lens ah. kekeke.


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Here's us in shades of purple before leaving house! :3

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Blindfolded me throughout the journey~

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&Made me pose silly poses! LOL.

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I bet the onlookers must be wondering why my family is so weird. LOL!

 photo P1100673_zpsba0ab919.jpg
With the factory I was produced in. xD

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 photo P1100679_zps30b825f1.jpg

 photo P1100680_zps4d47806f.jpg
Told my sis we must take with the parrots because we no longer can sit on Ponies. hahahhaha.

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 photo P1100685_zps6a8f5e34.jpg
Just some animals I randomly took pictures of!
If you wanna see more of them, VISIT THE ZOO! ;)

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We guessed this gorgeous White Tiger's name is "Omar".
He's quite cool. Pacing back and forth many many many times (really many times!). We presume is for us visitors to take a good look and take nice pictures of him. So kind. x3

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 photo P1100694_zpsa5fcb22f.jpg
Cute baby Hippo!!!

 photo P1100695_zpsbcb73fa8.jpg
Somewhat the highlight of the trip!

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 photo P1100696_zps12b9a512.jpg
The decorations was really.... Chinese-ish/China-ish!

They were in an air-conditioned place.
The exhibit was only allowed for 15 minutes viewing per batch.
Visitors are advised not to make noises.
We cannot take flash photography.
There was even soft music playing in the background.
It is also one of the biggest exhibit for the Pandas.
Lastly, it cost a separate $5 just to see them.............. sleep!


But my mother said it's because we are only given 10 years to exhibit them. And hopefully, these two pandas would mate and produce more pandas so we could finally own local breed pandas. Tsktsktsk.

When we were there, only Kai Kai was lazing around. Jia Jia was apparently still in her dent. How are they suppose to mate when one is outside and the other keeps staying inside?! My actual thoughts. Lol.

 photo P1100698_zpse6320be7.jpg

 photo P1100700_zpsf2d32d11.jpg
Red Panda! Cuter than the Panda. Pfft. Lol.
$0.50 worth of the $5 paid. xD

 photo P1100711_zps096ded75.jpg
Didn't budge at all please!

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 photo P1100714_zpsefcbb948.jpg

 photo P1100715_zps0da648f7.jpg

I would sleep all day if I were him though.... So comfortable and serene (somewhat)!!!

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 photo P1100717_zps9e7cfa48.jpg

 photo P1100718_zps2e6a4f11.jpg
Funny story.

 photo P1100719_zps331dc12d.jpg
$2 EACH at the Panda Exhibit and $3.60 for TWO outside. URG.

 photo P1100720_zpsd95cae10.jpg
Restaurant next to Panda Exhibit.

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 photo P1100727_zpsce13cd92.jpg

 photo P1100728_zpscfff9a52.jpg
#likeaboss. xD

 photo P1100732_zpsdd890b3f.jpg
Anyone wanna cross the road. xD

 photo P1100734_zpsf28c2ef1.jpg
We like big butts and we cannot lie.... lol.

 photo P1100735_zpsa5fc9b98.jpg
Quite cute but I have no idea what is it....

 photo P1100736_zps5d3a4ba7.jpg
Love Love mama! :3

 photo P1100737_zpsec005b96.jpg
Must take with these since we couldn't both of then together in real life!

 photo P1100738_zps970ac818.jpg
But we only took with Kai Kai AGAIN!

Wa... So unlucky. Right after our shot, they started to stand together and take pictures TOGETHER with other people. :(

 photo P1100739_zpsb306d32a.jpg
Neh mind, this still cute. lol.

The next time I'm visiting the Zoo is prolly going to be after the River Safari is done or when I'm married with kids old enough to walk on their own. Lol.

So, this Zoo visit is somewhat a birthday gift from my mother. SO.LOVED. ♥
&Here's what my Dad and Sis got me. :3

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Went for Marche dinner early this week and then for some shopping.
Sis got me my first luxury brand wallet!!!!!!!! ♥ SO.MUCH.LOVE!!!!

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 photo 20130221_001042_zpsd930c498.jpg
Note to my mother just in case she rips it when she's back from Thailand.

 photo 20130223_012448_zpsa698b52a.jpg
In the end, I couldn't resist and thought I start using it on my Lunar Birthday. xD

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 photo 20130223_012557_zpsd691b8ca.jpg

 photo 20130223_012706_zps26e41bb8.jpg
Very girly?????
But I'm into pink lately so I'm fine. xD

 photo 20130223_012126_zpsc7340fc0.jpg
What my Dad got me!
Not something new, but YAY! hehehe.

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