Saturday, March 02, 2013

Lets' Fly!!! :D

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A day before March First, I met up with Emily to celebrate my birthday.
She brought me to a pretty cool place somewhere near Haji Lane.
The food were ALL fantastic!

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The restaurant is at the second level~

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Quite cool right?

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I really love the atmosphere.
The design really made the place feel like we're actually dining in an airplane!
Similar to an airplane, it's small yet pretty cozy!

 photo P1100747_zps9c6a6470.jpg
Made me wanna go overseas!

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Emily told me she called the restaurant up to make reservations and request to have candles or something.
But they didn't have it and yet offered to find one! So sweet right??? :')

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ps: The red bean ice cream is fantastic.

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Before meeting Emily, I decide to accompany Jiaxuan to Toa Payoh. She wanted to fix her iPhone. It was really impromptu!! Had a really good catch up with her and I'm going to meet her again tonight! hahaha.

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Jiaxuan look really pretty in all four shots ah!
All thanks to the 4 wisdom tooth she extracted. xD

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