Saturday, March 02, 2013


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Celebrated 22nd birthday with the people I love yesterday!! ♥

Wanted and would have blogged late last night when I got home but I guess maybe the age is catching up (LOL!), I allowed the bed to succesfully seduce me instead.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with my clique, as usual. :)

Met up with the girlfriends for PlayNation in the afternoon. After hearing Karena rave about it for so long, we finally visited the place and had some fun together! Sweated a lot manz, end up being sticky and feeling yucky for the rest of the day. lol.

Lance joined us midway. It was a 4-hour session! Mad fun.

Thereafter, we did a quick shop in town before heading down to Serangoon Gardens for dinner!

After dinner, we proceeded to Lance's place for some singing session. Didn't sing much though. It's either we were already tired or just didn't have the mood to sing much. Karena and Jolene got pretty high near the end though. Lol.

The night ended with us seeing Soohou off in the airport! :) It was 2 good hours of waiting and then quick supper at Burger King! ^^

Of course, how can we not take pictures, right? :)

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The room was cute! A bit too small though.

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Karena's always camera-ready.... No wonder she lost the first round. lol.

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Meet Willy. Lance's $70+ whale belt. lol.

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Wanted to change my phone's screensaver because my height difference was too prominent with the current one.
Took quite a number of shots but I just realize most of them are blurred!!!!!
This Lance. T^T

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Weishan look so candid here!!!!! ♥

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heheheh. Cute max.

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And a mandatory group shot!

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Karena and I headed to Mandarin Gallery while the other girls went to TopShop!
Bought some macaroons from Antoniette because my sister love theirs.

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Yeap, camwhored in the toilet. hahahhaha.

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Lance place!
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When Gary's in the toilet.
Don't you think this group shot is damn nice? hehhe.

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We always have candid shots like these....
Prove that we always have the best time together. kek.

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Soohou! Our handsome commando!

 photo P1100837_zpsab248edf.jpg  photo P1100838_zps8699c74d.jpg
Our sexy officer!

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Our cute future-ahjie Karena!

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Our mobile Gardens By The Bay (LOL!!!) gorgeous Jolene!

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My forever beautiful spousey, Weishan!

 photo P1100842_zpsc5173a3e.jpg
Our bigheaded Sergeant!

ps: Notice how five of them are just casually standing while I obviously tiptoed to match their height.
First world problem of a short person. lol.

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They surprised me with a Burger King Hershey ice cream cake!!!!

We were just chatting when suddenly Karena give me some weird eye contact and then THEY CLAPPED AND SANG REALLY LOUDLY IN THE BURGER KING!!!!! I was damn embarrassed when I saw other people in the premise turned at look at us. lol.
But awwwwww... These people. ♥

Next time, if this happens, just clap and sing along. It'll leave other people puzzled. Because they won't know who the hell we're singing for. Safe from being embarrassed. hahahaha.

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Lance taking a bite.

 photo P1100853_zps78915333.jpg
Lance disturbing me when I tried feeding Jolene!


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Weishan got me a gift!!!!! :')

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 photo P1100857_zps64c13c0d.jpg

 photo P1100858_zps52c279b7.jpg

Gary also got me a gift. But I forgot to take a picture.
Maybe when I hang it up, I'll update again. :)

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Last few group shots before Soohou depart for Taiwan!

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BYE!!!! :)

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I'm 22 now. &STILL YOUNG!

Though it's been fairly simple this year, I'm glad to have spent it well with people I absolutely love! (Cannot forget my family too!) Requested no gifts this year because I thought I already have the bestest and greatest gift ever!!!! And that's my wonderful family and my lovely friends. No need for any gifts as long as I have such awesome people with me already. :)

Still, thank you very very much to Mummy, Daddy, Sister, Weishan and Gary for still getting something for me. :')

And of course, I'm thankful for everyone's warm wishes too. :)