Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Day After March First (:

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Dinner with these people happened on Saturday! But I was pretty caught up with my essay writing that I didn't have time to update until now~ :)

It was a celebration long agreed (Actually, we planned to celebrate our 21st together but I became a bastard and missed it last year. lol) And by us, I mean Edmond and me! Our birthdays are just a day apart. :) Anywayz! I'm gonna make it up and be there for most meetup now on okay!

This Bing Cheng and Edmond can't stop going "We'll see." Tsk. {C}
It was a simple dinner at Crystal Jade Korean BBQ at Nex. Not loving or complaining the food and ambiance there but if you're craving for some real Korean BBQ, that shouldn't be one of your choices!

After dinner, we struggled to decide on a place until we finally agreed to chill in Compass Point's Starbucks! The night was still young when we ordered our drinks and sat around to chat. Because of my party-pooping curfew, we headed down to my place to extend the hangout till 2am! ^^ Talked a lot a lot about everything under the sun moon! :)

Just nice, Edmond had spent his last bits of 21st and first few moments of his 22nd with us!

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The now 22s! :)

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Jiaxuan and I looking so happy because we were controlling our laughter!
Imagine posing in the middle of somewhere with a self-timed camera and then some man wanted to walk pass, stopped, look at us, look at the camera and continued walking. Eyyy, was funny when it happened!

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Bing Cheng and his so called 9gag expression lolol

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Toodles! I'm going for my third birthday treat now~ heheheheheheh. ♥