Tuesday, March 12, 2013

With The Friend I Grew Up With! ♥

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:) Short dinner celebration with Zylia last Thursday!

It was just a simple dinner with my pretty friend I have grew up with! ^^

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Truffle Fries!

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Smoked Salmon Crepe!
Loving the green apple stripes. Gives the dish a refreshing taste! :3
They are extremely generous with their salmon! Thickly rolled on top and there's more inside the crepe!

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Some Spicy pasta that's recommended by their Chef.
Lots of sausage!

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Trying to connect to Instagram.
The connectivity in Marina Bay Sands is.too.damn.lousy!

We were stuffed by the time we were done with our dinner.
But she kindda insisted that we have to finish it with dessert.
Took us really long to finally decide on one.

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And then she took quite long to "return the menu".

So we waited and waited and waited~~~
Someone else is celebrating their birthday too!

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&tadah~ Sweet surprise for me from her. hehehehe.
ps: My surprise was better. kekeke. And XX, cut that style again! ;)

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Stuffed or not, just eat.

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Thank you again for the dinner and surprise!
Dinner created a huge hole in her wallet. :x