Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4 Days and 3 Nights ♥

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Just came back(yesterday) from an awesome 4 days and 3 nights with family and my mother's friends. ^^ It is supposedly my mothers' trip with her friends to celebrate their 50(?) years friendship but........ I will never give up the chance to go on any cruising trip! :3

&, I'm so super glad that we joined them! This trip came at the right time! After two weeks of rushing my essays, this short getaway was very much needed. hehehe.

This time, there were a lot more Singaporeans and a lot of teenagers! I'm so jealous! I hope one day, I'll go on-board a cruise with my friends too! It'll be so fun and tiring. hahhaha. But of course, I doubt many shares the same kind of vacation interest. Cruising can easily be boring. But what matters more is who you're with, isn't it? :)

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On-board the same board again. (Y)!
Walked around like we have lived in the place for a long time. hahahaha.

But this time, it's had underwent a USD60million renovation! :O
Though there wasn't any drastic changes, there were still changes here and there.
We didn't try the new restaurants though. Chargeable. Walao.


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The new Cruise Centre!

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Excited faces!

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Dad so cute~

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 photo P1100995_zpsbf4705cd.jpg

 photo P1100996_zps70881312.jpg
My new passport photo is goddamn ugly. Z

 photo P1100998_zpsbf8eba2d.jpg

 photo P1100999_zps6a78cb19.jpg

 photo P1110001_zps1368a88e.jpg
Mother is so smart.
Printed baggage tags on colored paper for her friends but kept them in the luggage.
Smartest move? She asked us to check in our luggage before meeting her friends. ==;
Yes, end up wasting those prints. lol.

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Room room room!

 photo P1110006_zps520a0d0e.jpg
This time window-less.
Cheaper by just a hundred. But okay la, we didn't spend much time in the room this time too.
When we switch off the light, IT IS PITCH BLACK. So scary. lol.

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The usual safety drills~

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&We're finally off!

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Here's a quick mini view of the cruise~

 photo P1110078_zps0d756124.jpg

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Outdoor pool~

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Free rock climbing anyone?

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&Back on what's going on.

 photo P1110024_zps17bb6a15.jpg
Some dance classes.
They have these very often!

 photo P1110026_zpsef7dff54.jpg
Oops~ xD
Accidental shot. I swear.

 photo P1110019_zps36799715.jpg
Mother and her friends.
I wish I'll have a chance like this when I'm 50 too!

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Went to the spa for some lucky draw.

 photo P1110035_zps98ba83df.jpg
This lucky bitch....... lol.

 photo P1110043_zpsccad386c.jpg
&I did my nails! heheh.

 photo P1110037_zps2c3c5c79.jpg
Dinner this time is at 6pm. 2 hours earlier than the previous trip.
But I guess it's better, there's better lighting for better pictures. lol.

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My sisters' chocolate moose!

 photo P1110039_zpsdb81277d.jpg
This is damn good.
The first time I ate it, I thought it was goddamn sweet.
But this time, I figured the correct way of eating it. lolol. Not that sweet anymore.

 photo P1110053_zps7cf323f9.jpg
Supper on our first night!
Ayyyy, I wanted to have Ben & Jerry for like every night because it is so damn cheap!
Only 2.39USD per scoop! :O
But I didn't eat if after the first night. Tsk.

 photo P1110060_zpsdfbd16a4.jpg
Dinner place!
Also our breakfast place...
There are two other places(freeeeee!) and two other restaurants(chargeable).

I didn't want to take pictures of our food initially so there's only dessert for our first night.
Then, my mother asked me to snap for her facebook. lol.
So here are pictures of what we ate! Or mostly, what I ate. kek.

 photo P1110059_zps0d9ec3db.jpg

 photo P1110185_zpsd4b61baa.jpg
Second night dinner!

 photo P1110188_zpse6b0af57.jpg

 photo P1110189_zps5d1e13bf.jpg
&it's gone~

 photo P1110190_zps544c36df.jpg

 photo P1110191_zps7fceecd0.jpg
So two shots~
It looks a bit raw, but it isn't!
It's Medium Rare but when you slice through, there's no blood. Woot!

 photo P1110183_zpsbc2d2bc4.jpg
White wine for every night!
This is the pink white wine! :3

 photo P1110195_zps24a18ceb.jpg
Not in love with this. :/

 photo P1110226_zps38cdfe69.jpg
Third night's dinner!

 photo P1110228_zpsf7288755.jpg

 photo P1110229_zps513c7fd2.jpg

 photo P1110233_zps072bf21a.jpg

 photo P1110234_zpsddac7e52.jpg
Freaking good.

 photo P1110032_zps58617513.jpg
The other place on Deck 9!

 photo P1110114_zps726de973.jpg

 photo P1110115_zps0753ef1f.jpg
They no longer have pizza and hotdogs. :(
More variety now though.

 photo P1110045_zps71596a48.jpg
That's the end of our fooooood~
&Here's a shot of Aunty Teo and our head waiter. xD

 photo P1110046_zps26f616dd.jpg
Post-dinner~ Theater show!

 photo P1110047_zpsf8d1af6e.jpg

 photo P1110050_zps9474e3fa.jpg
Back room for some rest before Karaoke!

 photo P1110055_zpse1dda0c4.jpg
Didn't sing at all. Couldn't bring up my courage for all three nights.
End up just watching people sing. lol.

 photo P1110056_zps1e4c3920.jpg
Next morning!

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 photo P1110058_zps63ff8574.jpg

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 photo P1110063_zps1a67c836.jpg

 photo P1110064_zps48205cac.jpg

 photo P1110067_zpsfe601456.jpg
In the middle of nowhere!

 photo P1110069_zps8a385fc9.jpg
This is damn nice right right right?

 photo P1110070_zpsbfe67085.jpg

 photo P1110077_zpsf07b1093.jpg
Mum and our unlimited soft drinks bottle!

 photo P1110008_zps38a609c7.jpg
And we didn't know we could just order them anywhere instead of bringing the bottle around. lol.
Or maybe we already knew but forgot about it..........

 photo P1110080_zps7e193a99.jpg
Their mojito is damn good!
Drank a lot for the past few days. lol. What cheap alcohol makes you~

 photo P1110083_zps8851692e.jpg
Sleeping dad with the weirdest hand posture. lol

 photo P1110084_zpsf0dc65d1.jpg
&He's awake!
ps: I asked my sister to call him up. xD

 photo P1110085_zps7db050ff.jpg
&The tiko dad face. hahahhahah.

 photo P1110087_zps62f62648.jpg
Chill chill~

 photo P1110086_zps28d01591.jpg
Some Indonesians having photo-shoot!
And I got nosy. lol.

 photo P1110090_zpsb0afdd94.jpg
They were dressed very exaggeratedly on the first day. Like as if doing cosplay.

 photo P1110097_zps724b18a3.jpg
Woooo~~~ xD

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 photo P1110108_zps87420b35.jpg

 photo P1110109_zps63a54b53.jpg

 photo P1110125_zpsb2774d92.jpg
Penang in the afternoooooooon!

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 photo P1110124_zps2468ee9b.jpg

 photo P1110128_zps131ab5d8.jpg
Happy mummy shopping!

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 photo P1110131_zps9d20b170.jpg

 photo P1110132_zps5f0179f5.jpg

 photo P1110145_zps5d2baadb.jpg

 photo P1110146_zps73649d91.jpg

 photo P1110147_zps10e2f32f.jpg

 photo P1110150_zps115c1bc0.jpg

 photo P1110151_zpsa378b122.jpg

 photo P1110152_zpsbc0e5445.jpg

&We were back in cruise after a few  short short hours~
Like 2 hours?
Because dinner was at 6pm and we didn't wanna have dinner outside. tsk.

 photo P1110155_zpsed214c81.jpg
Formal night!

 photo P1110157_zps375dead3.jpg

 photo P1110159_zpsb9d3af17.jpg

 photo P1110161_zps01dc02ba.jpg

 photo P1110163_zps98f6a79d.jpg

 photo P1110165_zps5c8e0f6e.jpg

 photo P1110166_zps6423394b.jpg

 photo P1110176_zps69b86b47.jpg

 photo P1110173_zps7d62bee4.jpg

 photo 20130309_181816_zpsea96b03f.jpg

 photo 20130309_182103_zps7a1c83c3.jpg

 photo P1110180_zpsc4fdd4d8.jpg
Assistant waiter!
Always photo-bombing. Seriously. lol.

 photo P1110197_zps588a7f3e.jpg
Magic trick.

Realize I'm not liking how I was chosen as the helper. lol.
So awkward.

 photo P1110959_zps4759fb58.jpg
Supposedly E.T riding a bike. Does it?!

 photo P1110203_zpsd7560124.jpg

 photo P1110207_zpsb70ca013.jpg
&Then shows again! ^^

 photo P1110210_zpsf0317e30.jpg
Our Cruise director Dan Dan noodle. xD

 photo P1110211_zps409f1c6c.jpg
70s disco night!

 photo P1110212_zpsdaeaf334.jpg

 photo P1110213_zpsa03d54b8.jpg

 photo P1110214_zps18e51af3.jpg

 photo P1110216_zps9c193771.jpg
Karaoke night again!

 photo P1110217_zps74199be2.jpg
Got back to the room to this! :3
The housekeeping person did it. hahahha.

 photo 20130310_153158_zps47794e22.jpg
Had room service for breakfast and slept in till late. woohoo.

 photo P1110224_zps04b60551.jpg
ps: I've been using Weishan's birthday gift for me. heheheh.

 photo P1110230_zps72695258.jpg

 photo P1110231_zpscb5e417f.jpg
Last night~ The usual parade!
There's Gangnam Style this time. lol.

 photo P1110239_zpsbe6f171c.jpg
Game show!

 photo P1110248_zpsd90cd144.jpg
Our last theater show that night.
She's gorgeous man!

 photo P1110249_zpse1cbbc56.jpg

 photo P1110254_zps764313e5.jpg
Check out the singer at the far left.
Had a conversation with them. STARSTRUCK!

 photo P1110255_zps9e994f4f.jpg

 photo 2013-03-10-14-58-53_deco_zpse78a433b.jpg
4 days and 3 nights passed so fast. :'(


It's official, cruising is now my favourite type of vacation!! ^^

I like it so much that I'd thought about cruising to another country and then fly back from there!
(Like 5/7 days to Hong Kong, stay for a few days, and then back!)

Was even tempted to be a staff on-board ~ Like the entertainment crew or staffs in the spa! lol.
ps: 7 months straight on-board and then 2 months of vacation. Sounds good to me! xD But nah~ They have weekly menu that repeats. :O

Cruising is just so.......... so relaxing.

No rushing around.
No fuss over daily itineraries.
No need to worry about bagage weight.
No complains about unfriendly people/staffs.
It is pretty much stress free. Just relax and enjoy the breeze~

I love the small talks I have with their crew. hehehehe.

There are stops though. When I headed out to Penang, the first thing that came to mind was "How I wish I'm back onboard and not out."

Serious! Lol.

It's either because of the heat (38°C man youmadbro!?) or just me becoming lazy............................. or both.

Anyway, it was yet another wonderful time spent on Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas! Even though there were some similarities in terms of activities lineup, it was still very fun. Cruise director on our previous trip was better though. :X

Unlike my previous experience, I made full full use of my 4 days and 3 nights this time. Instead of sleeping my mornings away, I woke up as early as the rest.

In fact, I slept very little. Mainly because I had work to do though. Lol. Enjoy my days to the fullest and chiong my work until the wee wee hours. (Y)!

But then again, I slept in on Sunday! Room Service for breakfast and then out to the ship after 3pm. :O That day felt the shortest.

I have spent quite a bit this time too! Mostly on Wi-Fi. It is goddamn expensive. With package, it is at least 30¢ per minute.



The one I bought was $55 for 99 minutes. Every time a minute pass, I see myself throwing a 50¢ coin into the sea. Dumb thing is, I thought 99 minutes would be enough. I have never been so wrong. Lol. Could have bought more credits. Maybe the same costs and get longer time because the longer time you buy, the cheaper it is per minute.

Oh ya. All these costs in USD.

Kill me.

In total, my card swiped a whopping USD286. My card. I am so not looking forward to April. :(

Wi-Fi required to do my work okay........ The rest were on other stuffs mostly alcohol! So cheap! Cocktails and beer all below $10! Taxless when we're out in the middle of nowhere. ;3

 photo P1110096_zpsddf8fac4.jpg
Okay. I'm done. hehe.

 photo P1110225_zpsefc6bb8d.jpg

 photo P1110174_zpsbeaf6f5d.jpg

 photo P1110095_zpse3c48674.jpg

 photo P1110204_zps7b2398ad.jpg
Can't wait for my next cruise trip! hehehe.