Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hiss Hiss Hiss.............

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Third day of Snake Year was well spent with the family; Visiting temples, having buffet and watching movie together! ^^

Although I couldn't attend any visiting some friends had invited, I was glad to have spent it with my family. :3

It's a bummer that it'd rained a bit here and there for the past three days (&today too!) during this festive though; Don't remember it raining so much in the past. :/


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Introducing,,, the Unicorn dog! haha.

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It's already the fourth day of the Snake Year, are you back to your routine yet?

This week, it's "term break" for me.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing but I presume the week's break is supposedly for us to start on (or finish up) our assignments................ But because it coincides with Lunar New Year, our supposedly term break is shortened by 2 days!!!

I think it's a conspiracy!!!!!

Stealing away our rightful Lunar New Year holidays and causing us to have lesser time to finish our assignments. :( It's stealing because we are entitled to these two days off but they have counted these two days as our term break! :(

&Our first assignment is due in 15 days!!! Feel as though I have barely learnt anything (not proper grasp of our modules yet!) and I have to sit for the exam already!

Alright, I really should stop complaining and being so whiny about things. Lol.

Gonna start on something right now before it's too late.