Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Being a dreamy Piscean, I've always thought of what life would be like living one stage ahead.

When I was a senior in Primary School, I began picturing my life as a Secondary School student.
When I finally completed my six years and started again as a junior in Secondary School, I imagined the scenarios of being a Poly Student. &Yes, I never once thought of going JC
&When I finally got my O'Level Certificate and proceeded to Poly, I had thoughts of my life as an Undergraduate.

I never stop wondering how life would be like as I progress.
I still wonder............... But now, I wonder and reminiscence about the past as well.

Thinking back, it seems like time is passing by really fast! I'm already 21. And today, I've finally started my first day as an Undergrad. The next thing I know, I'll probably be at my deathbed. Lol.

But really, being in class today, I wondered how I've managed to cruise through my life. How did I play through my time in Primary School and passed my PSLE and then get a good O'Level Certificate before obtaining my Diploma. How did I do all that over the years?

I'm so reluctant to grow up. I don't wanna continue growing up. :/

Of course, now that I'm embarking on my last journey as a student, I thought I should do myself a favor and do well. Although the path now isn't what I dreamed of and even though I'm not in my ideal school, I've decided to make the best out of this last journey as a student.

Having so much thoughts right now. :) So much.