Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unpaid Leave.

(Possibility for this to be a long post is high!)

Expired pictures.
Here's the food my colleagues and I have had that night we had dinner together for the first time, at Cafe Cartel! (:

MINE! (:

First thing first;

The last minute unpaid leave applied for today was so... worth-ed it! LOL.
Alright, I'm suppose to be sleeping now! I'm damn tired but was forced to stay awake so as to send some pictures. -.- Haha! Sorry Yanling, I'm not blaming you. xD
Due to Jasmine feeling very fatigue and sleepy now, this is going to be a report of what I've done today. xD Also, apologies to any crappy / lame / nonsense statement I might make. I'm really tired.

Today; what a day...

Woke up near 5am so as to accompany Jiejie Yani for her last journey in my dad's car to the airport. Yes, she's gone already; Inititally, I thought I would not tear but I was wrong. The four years of frustrations, good times and sad moments with her all mattered to me. And, it still does.

That's the pain of saying "goodbye" to anyone who matters I think.

The best thing was, she said; "Why you cry? I'm so happy."
Goodness. I feel my tears on the verge of bursting out again.
Enough said.

Afterwhich, we went to a coffee shop near Marine Parade. By that time, it was 0645hrs. However, being unaware of the time; we took our time with our breakfast. That was also when I've decided to apply leave for the day. (: Texted my Manager with fear and determination. xD
Headed to school in a rush and attended the CCA orientation. It's been a while... (:

Today's condition of me is a 'No, no' for photo takings.

Being back in school with Orchestra's nice! =D *aww~ I miss those days. It was very crazy to see my other schoolmates. Made me miss school so much. haha!
Left pretty early, had lunch and met up with Weibin and Lijian at Kovan's superbowl. Registered our names and accompanied the two guys for lunch. On our way, we met Bingcheng, Edmond and Jiaxuan. Had lunch, played two frames of bowl and headed to Vivo.

(Is there any other word to replace "headed"?!)

Aww~ It's been a long while since I've played bowling. I missed those days being crazy about it. The extreme measure I've went to do my hobby was to play it in Malaysia. haha! Cheap cheap but a little... too dark which made the place, I've went, looked dirty. xD
During the game, Jinhui and Bearbear came.

Before having dinner, we went to "Sheer Romance". Two reasons why we went there; 1) we wanted to dine at "Red, White and Pure" but found out it wasn't so much of a restaurant and were clueless about where to have our dinner, 2) Yanling wanted to buy something(not a bikini, of course! haha.).

After much consideration and arguements, we made our way to "Thai Accent". It's not bad a restaurant, with nice ambience and above average food, but a pretty high cost location. The girls were actually not really bothered about the price but the guys did. -.- So, we didn't order any interesting food. xD

My Tom yam Bee hoon Seafood Soup.
It's really nice but please take it only if you can take spicy food. My lips were burning hot like crazy!

This is also not bad. The rice was fragrant! (: I think this is some... Pineapple rice.
One thing I can confirm, this is definitely better than the one at "Thai Express". (:

Here she goes again, playing with precious food...

It's tongue!

She said she couldn't see the iced eyes. -.- LOL!

She was in a sudden high spirit, she even wanted to take Lijian's left over rice.
That's Yanling and Bearbear playing "Tug-O-War". LOL!

We were being great audience okay! Entertaining her with consistent laughing.

Dinner was alright but, Bearbear was the star! haha. Because he ordered plain water and requested refill(within minutes) for both dinners we have had, we were laughing at him.

The thing is:
The first and the second time, he asked for it. Then, the lady in charge of serving us started to take notice of his glass. haha! What more, he was shocked that she had poured water even without asking. To add on, we had to cease the fire burning in Bingcheng. So, we passed him all our 3 glasses of water and had them refilled like... thrice?! LOL!

During one of the refilling-s, the lady went out of water after filling two of our glasses (we had 3) thus, she went back to the kitchen. While she was away, we told BC to finish up the water fast. However, he wasn't fast enough to finish both glasses so, we placed back one of them (always infront of bearbear).
Her reaction was like... "Eh?! I thought I just..." *scratch head*
Damn hilarious!!

What Bearbear has claimed:
"A failure in making the menu, adding the word 'refillable'."
Maybe I haven't been able to make it reads as if it's funny la.. but... ah! never mind.

After dinner, we were off for home! (: Yanling made a fool out of herself and of course, dragged us in making a little guy throw dirty looks at us. -.-She was like so high out of the sudden that she made a story out of a guy who had gave Bearbear a stupid look when Bearbear accidentally knocked onto him with a girl. They both looked alike la.

"Okay. See the guy and the girl behind? They must be dating. Then, they both quarrel. So, the guy is reading the book while the girl's waiting impatiently for his text."
-.- Bearbear got most of the angry looks from the guy la! haha. But I think the guy was a little too sensitive. Yanling called Bearbear "Xiao didi (Little brother)" even before having dinner.

However, the guy kept thinking we were talking about him because we were laughing crazily.

Well, we were laughing at Yanling being stupid la. *erhumm

Alright. It's good to be around them la. Especially Yanling. Although she might get on your nerves with her complains about her appearance and may be a little too naive and blurr, she's still fun to be with. When she's suddenly high, there will bound to be a roll of contagious laughters! (:

Was a little late home again. I just don't get it. Why can't I be on time?! I'm always pissed with myself alright. However, I also don't get it why I have limits. -..- I understand why la. But... Ah! Never mind.

*yawn. My eyes feel... bloated. Damn! Stupid long day and a late night sleep with a series of tears. -.-

Good bye!
Signed Off at 0155hrs!

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