Tuesday, March 01, 2016

LIME & Swensen's With Bestfriends!

Part 2 : High Tea @ LIME, Dinner @ Swensens'

I AM 25 TODAY!! 💖
Unwillingly, but surely. hahaha.


My 25 did not start off too well though; I am still suffering from the mistake of not applying enough sunscreen while being out in the sun at the hottest time of the day. (Read here!) Even had to get my dad to apply more aloe vera gel on my back. IT IS TERRIBLE!!! No skinship for a while too.


Second Strawberry Shortcake 🍰 for my birthday this year!
Love it! ♥

You can see that I'm a little tanned than usual too. It is not because of the lighting. Damn the sunburn! Lol.

I am not tiptoe-ing, you just can't see my heels. LOL.

It was a nice halfday spent with my bestfriends! ♥

Thank god we didn't have to meet too early in the day, so I could still take my own sweet time to cool my skin before I put on any clothes. This top is a little too rough on my skin though. SOBS!

Anyho! Didn't know what to do or where to go, but Shan has been going for different high-teas so I thought, why not! Then again, our planning wasn't very strategic. High-tea was after 3pm, and the next thing we did was............ have dinner! Say what! hahah. So yeah, after high-tea at the hotel, we proceeded to meet Kesslyn at Plaza Singapura for dinner.

And there we were at Lime @ Park Royal Hotel X!

The Tiers of Joy we shared!

It was a quiet and nice Tuesday afternoon.

First meal of the day for me

Not a fan of macaroons, but I liked the second tier~ Except, maybe not so much the Raspberry cream puff. I never understand why people eat that berry... The scones were tasty, but a little too dense for my liking; Still nice though and very filling!

With my favourite and prettiest humans in my life.

Lance joined us halfway too! Had a nice time catching up with the busy man, listening to him talk about his next step in life. We all know he'll do well wherever he go!

And after filling our tummies with the pretty little food, we headed off for more food! Lol.

Seriously..... We need to do more interesting things other than eat. Lol.

With Kesslyn! And yes, she's the only one who ate.
We shared a birthday icecream!

This flat hairstyle needs to go.


Ideal boyfriend height here~ Lol.
(As in for me, not Jo lmao)

Our 'manner' hands for each other because ain't nobody gonna touch us!
Kesslyn is so tanned now. Hahahha. At least there's someone to understand the agony.

Special lighting for Shan :X

I am looking radred!

So happy they took their precious time to celebrate my birthday today. hehe.

I never really liked belated birthday celebrations~ It doesn't really matter, but... shrug.

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