Saturday, January 09, 2016

Wide Awake

It is 04:29am right now; I should be sound asleep like everyone else in the room, but I am wide awake.

Too wide awake.

I know it is bad for health to be up till this late, it's extremely harmful for my eyes too, but I can't help it today.

My eyes are feeling tired... So tired..

I've tried putting myself to sleep, but only managed to silently toss and turn on the bed for 2 hours while listening to everyone sleep. My brain is too active right now, and she's not allowing sleep to happen. At all. :( I had many random thoughts within that 2 hours, and made many plans about life which I won't be following through when I wake up tomorrow. Lol.

Unsure if it's because of that brief nap I took earlier today that's causing this... :/

Anyway!! I could continue try staying in bed motionless to coax my mind to sleep, but someone in the room is feeling very hungry and I can hear it between snores. Lol.

My guess who?
I think it's grandma.. :X

It was rumbling so loudly, so many times, that it made me hungry too......... So, yes I am out in the living room because I am feeling hungry and too awake to sleep. Munching on a slice of bread while typing my thoughts now. Heh.

I'm not giving up on sleep though! While answering to my hunger and clearing my train of thoughts, I am also streaming some creepy, soothing, calming and therapeutic songs from Spotify's 'Deep Sleep' playlist...


It's been 35 minutes, and clearly, these music aren't helping...........

Oh wait. Am I suppose to be listening to them while laying in bed and eyes closed?

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