Monday, January 11, 2016

KL Again!

KL again with the family! ❤️
KL again in less than a month. ✌️
All in time to get new clothes for Chinese New Year. Heh.

Rode 4 hours in a private 7-seater car and finally reached our apartment!! Located right beside, one of our favourite malls, Mid-Valey. It's so huge that we don't need to go anywhere else to get everything we want. :)


Grandma and her helper was with us this time too.

Always love staying in an apartment because of the common living area you get, to hangout with whoever you're travelling with, while still having your own bedroom. Like.... you don't have to go to the other person's room to chill and stuff, just hey! living room.

There'll be a spacious kitchen too! Not that we ever use this in KL.

Our bedroom shared with grandma and her helper.

Washed up and headed out to shop shop shop! ^^

Had to get these again!! A good break from our shopping.

And that was day 1. Shopped and ate well before heading back to our room and this night, sister and I went to sing karaoke!
It's so much more afforable there! Sigh, all the prices increasing here now.

This is at 3am and was kindda creepy when we were heading back to our apartment.

Mother's birthday was the day and we got her a strawberry tart the next day!
Mainly because I wanted to try it. :X Lol.

Second celebration after the one we had in December~

So sweet right?
Cake from the helpers; Explains why 'Aunty Leong Viny'. I never understood why my mother had to use 'Viny' for her facebook/email account. LOL.

♥ Are you team red or team blue? Lol.

My parents are like as if they are 'Benjamin Button', looking younger as they age. I wish it'll be the same for me too! Though I think I have an old-looking face since I was 16 and hasn't changed. Lol.

&Back to our KL trip!

Second day of shopping!
This is us in a changing room. :)

&Had dinner with family in Malaysia. :)

In-charge of the baby that evening too...
And was so happy that I got my new pair of Skechers. One I have been eyeing. HEH. I'd wanted the grey and turqoise one, but Malaysia didn't have it. T_T But oh well, at least it is cheaper than getting it in Singapore. :X

A homemade durian cake our relatives prepared for le mother.
Third cake this year, YAY for me. :X

This was SO good! There was so much of durian flesh! I had to have 2 servings of it!
Mother got them to bring the remaining home though. HMPF!
And our apartment had the lingering durian smell. Mm mm..... ♥

My shopping haul this time!
YAY to more clothes~
A lot cheaper in Malaysia too! Since it's a Malaysia brand. I think most of them are half the price of what is sold in Singapore. Pretty insane...

&I'm done here.

It was a good break from work, though December was a very chill period in office; As long as you get to not work for a few days, vacations are awesome! :p

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